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Old 01-31-2016
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Originally Posted by CoachStuartMcDougal View Post
Hi Sherry,

I recall your video a bit. It wasn't that you had the impulse to pull but rather kicking (down) on wrong leg that inhibits rotation was the problem. Putting focus on pelvis/hip rotation will help with the timing issue.

The intentions of catch-up are good in that it gets the swimmer to hold arm in front longer, good for windmilling arms that are tough to decouple. But yes, when both arms stop in front (grabbing the stick), body goes flat, rotation stops and you've lost that valuable momentum from weight shift, as well as stunts continuous motion.

Yes you are correct about the kick and I have been working on that along with the hip driven rotation. Those focal points have started to pay off for me in terms of spl and also increasing distance. Tks for mentioning.

I think it was another poster on that video said I had a more shoulder driven stroke and might be hard to correct since I had been doing it for such a long time.

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