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Old 09-28-2015
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Default Warming Up/tune-ups

I am an avid reader of the forum Favorite Practices and Sets. I like the way posters map out their training session, warm up or tuneup, main set, and then the cool down. It is the warm up phase that I am really interested in. If I did 700 meters to warm up, I would then be toast, too much yardage!

It isn't the yardage that I am concerned with, but in an ideal session, what should be included in the warm-up phase? Is it better to do drills first, or mix drills with free style, or just do some yardage in freestyle to get the blood flowing? I know this is an individual circumstance, but curious how and when you drop certain drills. For instance, I don't have any trouble doing SG, but struggle with LLR so I include a few lengths in my warm up.

Also it would be helpful if there could be a list of drills and what they were suppose to accomplish. Some are obvious, but others aren't (one arm drill, dragging the fingertips, fist drill, etc) Regarding the fist drill, somewhere in the forum someone said that this drill gives you a feel for the water. Then in a blog, someone else said it aids in rotation. Maybe it does both?

For a while I was just swimming 3 sets of 4 lengths and including certain focal points while doing. The reason I started with the longer distance was that if I waited too long, I was too pooped to do it.

I know many of you posters are more adept at TI, but am curious how you plan your warm up phase.

Curious how mere mortals warm up.


p.s. It seems that most of the posters are male. Are there any females out there?
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