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Old 07-05-2015
WFEGb WFEGb is offline
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Hello Sherry,

FWIW as always.

...ZT commented several times on my stroke and I realized that while I might improve somethings, maybe other things are out of my reach. I can see that my recovery is more hand driven than shoulder driven. also my pull is what drives my rotation. Maybe I just have to accept that is the way it is, and learn how to adapt to that.
Well, I'm only in FS for some four years. But did you ever try Stuart's/Mandy's drill?

For me it was one of the most difficult TI-drills I've encountered so far. But it's also the one which had/has the most tactile difference in my roational movement (hope to the better).

Think sometimes it's necessary to do some things where you'll feel a difference and decide afterwards if it was a good one.

Best regards,
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Old 07-05-2015
Zenturtle Zenturtle is offline
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HI Sherry,

Like I said, maybe this upperbody drive is your style. Dont know how long you have tried the long stretched out stroke style at low frequencies and how much fun or progression you have found.
For some people it really clicks, maybe for you less so.
Just try a shorter at a higher strokerate for a few weels and see how it goes.
You always can go back where you left.
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Old 07-06-2015
jenson1a jenson1a is offline
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Yes I did see this video and when I went to the pool to try it, I found out that it was a lot harder than it looked. but then Coach Mandy seems to make almost everything easier than it looks! The 2bk that is often posted is also a great demo video.

I think a useful tool for the pool would be a waterproof I Pad. When you watch a video at home and the try to replicate it at the pool, I always find that I am missing a few steps

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