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Old 01-19-2016
sclim sclim is offline
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Originally Posted by jenson1a View Post
Thanks Danny for the tip. It's almost a timely one. Our 8 year old 55 inch Tobisha is showing signs of decay. Am reluctant to replace it since there is not a lot of good TV these days. But I have heard a lot of good about the smart TV. (Too bad there aren't more "smart" programs!)

Appreciate your post

Sherry, I appreciate and know what you mean. We old geezers are really from the pre-internet generation. As much as I beg and cajole my children to explain internet things and to help me reload my computer etc, sometimes the path of least resistance is just to turn the damn thing off.

I had to throw my old monitor out because of all the patches of "White-Out" I had painted on the screen from manual text editing deletions.
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Old 01-19-2016
CoachDavidShen CoachDavidShen is offline
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Originally Posted by jenson1a View Post
Lots of swimmers have posted videos of their swimming and I am amazed at what many critics point out at what they are viewing. I just had cataract surgery and I had hoped that my eyesight would gain me more insight on videos, but not so. I use internet explorer to view the videos (most recent version), but fail to see what so many observers point out. I do know that if I open the TI website in Chrome, I have the ability to use slow motion on a video and this does help a lot.

Are there any other ways (better) other than Chrome or internet explorer?

While reading this, it came to mind that it also takes the knowledge of TI to give a good analysis of someone's stroke. But there is more than this--a lot of videos (to me) are too blurry or far away to make any judgments.

Any thoughts on this? I know that Coach Stuart (and many others)give very detailed analysis on the videos posted. Any and all hints would be appreciated.

Hey Sherry,

Yes clear videos, slow motion videos, the ability to play back and forth through a given movement, different angles of videos, the ability to load into a video tool like Coach's Eye all can help with video analysis.

Mostly though it is through experience that a coach can, in an instant a movement happens, see something that is worthy to comment on and how to comment.

When I first started TI, I was slow in looking at live athletes and was glad I videoed everything and could play something over and over to make sure something was happening. Over time, I got better at instantaneous interpretation of live movement as well as spotting something else in a video faster upon replay. Occasionally I will still go back and forth on a few frames to see if something really happened or maybe I saw something that wasn't there.

It just takes practice to get good a spotting something, and doing it often and in large quantity helps in learning this as a skill, just like everything else we do.

David Shen
Total Immersion Coach
Menlo Park, CA
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