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Old 04-20-2015
Ken B Ken B is offline
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Ken B
Default And now for something totally different

Easter Monday was a beautiful day here. There has been little rain and the river is clear. There was a big tide so I decided to swim at the sailing club. Sandy bottom, plus one metre of water, what could be safer? I stripped to my speedos, took off my glasses. There was a splash at the water edge. Bigger than a Kahawai I thought , must be a Kingfish. I waded in about 25 metres thigh deep and wet myself. There was a huge crash behind me and when I looked round there was spray everywhere, a huge vortex and hole in the water. My wife claims I walked on water, I say I was just making a splash. I stood by the car and we worked out that it couldn't have been a shark or I would have seen a dorsal fin in that shallow of water. It must have been a large stingray. The Ray would have seen me directly in front of it and the commotion was caused by its sudden turn and acceleration. Without my glasses I cant see well. Then my careful wife said, "you've got to get back in again or you'll never swim here again." I got back in and cruised up and down for 5 minutes and got out unharmed.
I've been swimming in the river for 20 years and sailing from the club for 35 years. I know I share the water but that's the closest evidence. We've since had a flood but on Monday I broke my bike ride for a short swim in the same place.
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Old 07-05-2015
Talvi Talvi is offline
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WOW! Better to walk on water than have an instant heart attack!

I have swam with a couple of eagle rays once in Jamaica when snorkelling. Amazing. Here in Finland the only company on calm days are the ducks and their chicks who must either have got accustomed to me or have realized that humans in the water are not any kind of threat. I'll put up with the murky brown water!

Sharks on the other hand ... :/

Congratulations on getting back in the water!!
A psychological disorder is: "Any personal construction which is used repeatedly in spite of consistent invalidation."
~ George Kelly

"The water is your don't have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move."
~ Aleksandr Popov
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Old 10-13-2015
dougalt dougalt is offline
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Default Another Close Encounter

It was a beautiful day with calm water at the New Jersey shore. Swimming parallel to the shore, about 25 yards out, I felt something BIG bump into my feet from the rear!
Using every mental trick possible to avoid going catatonic at the thought of a shark sizing me up for a meal, my strategy was to go into maximum "stealth" TI mode (no splashing, no bubbles, no violent movements) as I turned toward the beach.
Upon reaching the sand, and seeing the crowd of beach-goers that had assembled there, my knees went wobbly at the thought of the grisly death I had narrowly averted.
But, it wasn't a shark. A school of dolphin had come in near the shore, and apparently one of them had bumped me with its nose to check me out.... or something!
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