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Default NYC Triathlon

Two more swimming deaths, thoughts and comments?

This is one of the rare times I believe in more rules and regulations.

How about USAT stepping up to the plate, and instead of charging 10 bucks a pop for each tri or a year membership fee, how about the USAT requiring a swim test, encouraging people to swim a certain distance safely, in a certain amount of time, once certified, these swimmers, that pass this test are rewarded with a graduated "wave". Not "elite" but, a "competent" wave. I would swim this test.

I recently completed "Steelman" sprint tri on Sunday. Thanks to TI and my diligence I have now graduated to the middle of the pack during the 1/2 mile swim, however now I am in the crowd, and I work extremely hard to stay clear of other swimmers. However, at times (a lot), I was swimming next to a competitor, we were facing each other and swimming in stride, it felt great, looking at each other, breathing together, but when I got a head of him, he just kept swimming into my feet, unaware of my position, and I kept kicking him in the (head) or somewhere on his body, so I moved to the side, he wouldn't budge (breaststroke kick anyone? tried that too). I kept fantasizing about an underwater taser. Anyway, this guy went on to win my age group, incredible bike time, and 6:30 a mile run time for 50-54 age group. He won the age group, so far ahead of me, that competitiveness on my part was not an issue, and during the swim I didn't even know who he was.

So, should I get out of this guy or anyone else's way, or keep kicking him? What is OWS kicking in the head "etiquette"?

I ended up finishing 3rd in my age group, I was humbled and stunned, and very lucky for a low turn out of top 50-54 athletes in my age group, from time to time it happens.

I know from running marathons, there is much less allowance of physical contact, and in the running event of a triathlon, the last thing that an athlete wants to do is make contact with another runner (can you imagine punching a runner in the head during the run). I know, you may be tired during the running event, and stumble, and if you make contact thats different than a swimmers complete unawareness of his or her environment and allowing himself to be bludgeoned.

Don't get me wrong, I love a physical swim, elbows, breaststroke kick etc. but shouldn't this be avoided, or is it part of the game? I also know these recent deaths were probably more health related, but, I still fantasize about making the OWS's safer.

Lets make the sport safer,


Go Diana Nyad!

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