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Old 08-16-2013
bx bx is offline
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Default A (Non-) Convo on Traditional Freestyle Coaching

A chat (in the gym) with one of the pool lifeguards.

Lifeguard (LG): How's training going?

Me: Cool. I've finally learnt how to swim and do the breathing! (Deliberate non-sequitur in gym..)

LG: If you want coaching on the fundamentals, there's a class on Sundays. You start with pushing off in streamline (demos tight streamline with hands overlapping, which is a position I can't even get into - shoulder+thoracic mobility is an ongoing "project"). Then you do pushoffs with a rotation to your back. Then you learn kicking, because that helps propulsion. To learn breathing, you hold a float next to your head and do lots of laps until you get the feel of breathing to the side. And you obviously use your arms to pull.

Me: I'm following a drill sequence called TI - Total Immersion. Have you heard of it?

LG: [Blank look].

Me: It's quite well known in triathlete circles I believe. It starts with a strong emphasis on balance, and then how to hold a stable position when slightly rotated....

LG: [Cutting-in] So if you want some lessons, get in touch with Nikki.

Me: OK. See ya.

I should add that I don't post this from some standpoint of superiority or wanting to belittle his training. It was kind of him to spend a few minutes explaining some of the coaching steps, and obviously it's not the whole program. I'm just curious as to whether any of the "modern" swim coaching thinking has permeated the mainstream yet. In this case, I guess not.

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Old 08-17-2013
swimust swimust is offline
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haha if you don't swim "strong and fast" then these life guards label you as a bad swimmer. Happens all the time. How to get fame and popularity for TI is a big heavy debate which I will not start, its way over my abilities :)

But its real fun to leave behind much fitter and younger swimmers and see the amazement on their faces. Its one of the rewards of TI swimming lol
you must be a donkey before you become a dolphin.
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Old 08-17-2013
Rincewind Rincewind is offline
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Everybody tries to earn a living. Most of these gyms or swim schools had the same teaching system for years and as long as their classes are full there is no incentive for them to learn anything new.

Same goes for people who want to learn, they just take the most convenient option available to them, if their local pool/gym/ymca offers lessons they just sign up, because its the most obvious option.

In this case its really up to TI and other 'modern' schools to try and permeate the mainstream.

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