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Old 08-16-2013
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Default CoachSuzanne is ok

Should have been "Ok, CoachSuzanne..." but I did not want it to be too personal ;)

Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne View Post
I've metioned often that every action you do int he water can be paired with a same side action (ipsilateral) or an opposite side action(contralateral).

in this case the leg snap associated with same side hip moving upwards is an ipsilateral thought. Leg snap causing opposite hip moving down (hip drive) is a contralateral thought.

Same side actions vs. Opposite side actions. ALL your swimming can be broken down this way if you think about it. And the better you get thinking about your swimming the more ways you'll have to improve your swimming.
I am really trying not to get overboard about the comment above.
ipsilateral versus contralateral. I had this stuff sitting in my head for such a long time. Never able to put it into use in my swim, but it was waiting..
2 days ago, more floating around trying to solve the mystery of the Shinji swim LOL :)
Then I work on the mysterious "Shinji anchor", blah blah this and that... what comes first during the anchor? leg snap or arm acceleration? egg or chicken or more... :)
And then flashlights !! - the anchor! why the hell do I wait with it until my whole body rotates? why wait so much?!... BOOM!
Tried to anchor only for the leg snap period, not anchoring until the whole body rotated... The rest is history...
Found the long axis (head-toe), so close and convenient to the separated hip.. Ignored the half torso of the spearing side as if it does not exist !!... (one side propulsion.. "ipsilateral")... twisted the stroking half of the torso along the long axis sideways and out... easiest swim of my life. I would rather swim than walk. My torn calf muscle gets chronic..

To CoachSuzanne,
Maybe you should consider this Shinji "half torso" rotation to ease on your lower back. In the Shinji way, You "cancel" half the weight of your torso and it will not "sit" on your lower back during the body rotation.
I swear its an amazing swim, so easy if you do it right. At your technical swim level, it will be a piece of cake for you to learn it :)
Or, too much active hip can make it worse in your lower back?... I have no clue, you should think about it, but half weight is really lifted off.

That "ipsilateral" thing was sitting in my head and waiting to be used. Without fixing my anchor, I wouldn't had a chance to use it.

Now, I hope its not another fata morgana. Will see in the pool tomorrow. Second time only after fixing the anchor and changing the whole swim in a very drastic way. "Lets hope"...
I was swimming a contralateral swim until now while using ipsilateral tools! I was rotating both sides of the torso. Donkey for a reason..
SPL count: 8 strokes on 24 meters slowest phase but legal (finished 8 strokes 1 meter off the wall). 12-17 in very comfortable "touring swims". I am still feeling in a twilight zone which is a result of so much self learning and so many tries and tests. "we shell see"... :)
you must be a donkey before you become a dolphin.

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Old 08-17-2013
swimust swimust is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2011
Posts: 832

Back from pool after my 2nd session ever using the "one side propulsion" :)
8 SPL on 25 meters, maybe not 100% legal but still an encouraging number. I take reinforcements from any where I can get them... ;)

Two big errors I worked on avoiding:
1) Anchor must be done on unbalanced, wild, lose torso !! believe it or not! I was still "balancing" the spearing side of torso and preventing a strong sharp explosive rotation Shinji style! The "switch" is wild and free in contrast to my natural tendency to keep everything under control. The anchor moment is the only deliberate "wild" moment in the Shinji swim!
I must erase "balance during anchor" from my memory. Its "one side rotation" so who needs two sides balancing? it makes total sense. amazing stuff really.

2) My tendency to engage the forearm muscles during acceleration (pull the wrong way). I am aware of it during the catch but I tend to go back to the bad habit in the next phase of the stroke (in arm acceleration).

That's it. I am done talking to myself lol. Next thread will be a video hopefully :)
you must be a donkey before you become a dolphin.
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