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Old 06-30-2013
swimust swimust is offline
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Default Dont know what happened

I swam only once in last 7 days. As a result, I went today to the pool with a brain that has a more distant look about the swim.
As if it "took a seat back" and watched. The swimming twilight zone... a bit strange. :)
Strange things happen...
I always have the "long axis" (head to toe) issue at the back of mind. I know I am not executing it. It never felt good when I tried it.
SO... My "distant brain" which had a vacation off TI, suddenly shouts at me:
"Hey! try long axis after you started arm acceleration and before you start hip roll! You never tried that, you donkey!"

As they say, "the rest is history"... At present I think I cracked the Shinji swim.. again :) :) :) who knows?... I felt very comfortable with planning the long axis before hip roll and it worked well, but maybe it was just a fake discovery and an error.
Only Shinji, his coaches, and the upcoming new DVD know if I make sense this time...
In short, my sequence of thought is this: 1)start arm acceleration - 2)visualize the long axis - 3)start hip roll.
I never squeezed the long axis between the two (between acceleration and hip roll) until today.

One more thing that still landed on me from no where, but was sitting and waiting in my head, is keeping the "height hierarchy" in the arm when I start the catch. Shoulder higher than elbow higher than palm.

Very strange day and all seemed relaxed and easy, kind of watching my self dancing a Viennese Waltz. I have no clue how to dance it, but you get the idea. weird stuff... :)
Maybe I am "cracking under the pressure" of self learning (nothing to crack really) or maybe my SPECIAL MOOD did the trick this time.
weird. I am not going to the shrink! Its just swimming :) :)

Wish I had someone to ask, but I have non at present. At moment I am floating on water. No pain, no stress, no clue?!... :) :) lol
I am so far away from the crazy body twists I was doing until about 1 month ago. I am finished with that stuff.
DVD gods, please save me!... ;) - even if I am doing it right I still cant tell! I need to do a new clip, show it, get feedbacks.
you must be a donkey before you become a dolphin.

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Old 07-01-2013
swimust swimust is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2011
Posts: 832

morning view.. watching Sachie Kato at sea swimming with an "unbearable ease"... :) :), imitating the feeling of her body rotations while watching her... can it really be that easy and "light"?... I am watching and I know how she feels, feeling the same in my head... UNDERSTANDING how she rotates the body...
Its ridiculous if I finally understood the Shinji swim in such an accidental weird way... "voices in my head shouted yesterday"!!...
Its very surreal, almost hard to comprehend. Must make a video if this feeling remains when I rotate my body.
[ accelerate - vision head to toe line - hip roll ] - that's the simple formula. unbearable ease! :) LOL

Easiness should be pleasant and joyful. For me its unbearable! :) my brain is not used to it at all.
you must be a donkey before you become a dolphin.

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