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Old 06-11-2011
yann yann is offline
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Hi RadSwim,

Your lead hand is a little too patient. Your catch needs work, as you have identified. If you start your catch a little sooner, you will be able to wrap your forearm around the water as set yourself up for a more effective, less rushed pull.
I've recently understood that and posted this thread. But I haven't managed yet to introduce that in my stroke. Thanks for the confirmation of my understanding. At this stage it's very important to me to know if I'm misleading myself or not.

Coach Rosita's recent post about thinking of your arms as competitors for the leading position is an excellent, fresh perspective.
In fact I've been using this focal point at the very begining of my TI learning (more than a year ago). I started with the excellent Six Week Intermediate Freestyle Stroke Efficiency Program (e-book) from coach Brian in which I'd been practicing what he called the Race in spearswitch. He defined it as "Think of a Race between the two hands. The spearing hand should get to its target before the lead hand gets to the pocket." As I was at the very beginining of my TI learning it, I unfortunately imprinted a hurried catch (or no catch at all). Unfortunately, I didn't imprint as much the skatch drill Brian proposed later in the training. At the same time I was also working on the patient lead hand, but I made sense of patient catch described in the Terry's book only recently.

Overall, you stroke has many really good features.
My stroke looked very much like yours a couple of years ago.
Thank you for the encouragement. I really appreciate positive TI feedback in our non-TI swimming world.

You lift your head and curve your spine when left breathing but not right breathing
Good catch, I hadn't noticed it up to now.

And thank you very much for your detailed feedback. I'll be working on your suggestion next week!
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