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Old 06-26-2018
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Originally Posted by Zenturtle View Post
I see what you mean, her elbow is even touching the water before her hand.
Thorpe is even worse in this regard. look at how his right arm enters the water.
It might not be ideal , but when you try a starightish arm recovery and throw the arm forward from the body and the shoulder, you will find that the most relaxed arm landing is actually elbow hitting the water before the hand. I agree it doesnt look very nice and gives extra bubbles.How much it hurts performance. I dont know.
Ranomi krowowidjojo does it a lot too.

watch right arm in slowmo. The power is in the body and shoulder rotation. the arm follows and is forced to high elbow position just in time.

And about using the mass of the recovering arm pushed forward from the low side:
Pelligrini is a champ at using that. Hard to enter gently without bubbles after swinging that mass forward, but at least she has a pretty good entering shape too.
In the same video with Shelley is Mel Benson, and it is interesting to compare the two. I think Shelley's alignment looks better than Mel's, but Mel seems to me to have a much better grip on the water. Mel's head is moving around somewhat, but by and large she keeps her head deeper than Shelley's and she is looking down, not forward like Shelley. In addition her elbow seems to be up when her arm goes forward into the water, in contrast to Shelley's. Do you agree that Mel has a better grip on the water?
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