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Old 03-30-2012
tab tab is offline
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You all can yell at me, it is okay. I really see the kick happening just a fraction of a second before the stroke on the same side. If I watch long enough I can see a relation ship with it corresponding to the other side, but I have to work at it. Am I missing something?

It is kind of like which way is the ballerinas spinning?
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Old 03-30-2012
Butiki Butiki is offline
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I agree with Mike from NS. Get the general timing right, then fine tune later. Deciding which action comes first might be counter-productive if the swimmer doesn't have any type of 2BK going.

Before Terry's book, I have a million times tried to learned the 2BK to no avail. The section in his book about quieting down the legs, just squeezing them together, before and after the Underswitch drill, was like a miracle drug. (Of course - as a side note, this very action brought about some other balance issues in me for without the aid of moving legs and feet, my body contorted to re-achieve a sense of balance.) But once we get over the hurdle of balance issues and we aim to quiet the legs after each switch, the legs will naturally react to what our arms are doing - similar to walking. One arm pushes back, same side leg kicks (see, like walking!). Or you could view it as, one arm pushes back, the opposite arm spears, so the leg opposite to spearing hand kicks. It's a natural reaction.

The fine tuning then comes later. Aiming to generate the toe-flick to nudge the hip upwards (or drive the opposite hip down), as the spearing hand moves forward, etc. etc. etc.
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Old 05-01-2012
dgk2009 dgk2009 is offline
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Default 2bk

starting to get this a little,I still want to go back to a flutter kick cause I'm so used to that so trying to stay focused,it seems to wear me out more than
a flutter kick,I guess just not used to it or could be over kicking a tad,also
throws my breathing off,I forget which toe to flick after my breath,I hope this will improve with more practice,I can feel the hip drive so thats good,gotta stick with it.
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