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Old 06-01-2017
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Default Low ape index and smoothness and glide

My arm is short relative to my height, so I've got low ape index. When I saw videos of smooth swimmer it seems are that most of them have medium or high ape index so they are smoother during recovery, spearing, and pulling. Look at the best video from Terry, Shinji (not tall but with relatively long arm) or Jono for the non TI, whereby for low ape index people it seems we have to increase the stroke frequency.
What could we do to be more smoother, glide-like?
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Old 06-01-2017
WFEGb WFEGb is offline
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Hello bujanglokal,

not sure, but think the "ape-index" is only some cm, normally. So all you should do is to adjust your GZ not with height but with your spanwidth. AFAIK most women have a negative index and this does not impact their smoothness in swimming.

Most impressive swimming with an extreme negative index I saw was Zhang(?... ZT surely will have the link) in the paralympics he only has short upper arms, no forearms. That's not what you would call smooth but so damned fast to get most of us jealous.

So to become a silent and elgant swimmer TI's "normal" way wan't be bad...

Best regards,
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Old 06-01-2017
Josefish Josefish is offline
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Hi Bujanglokal,

You may like this video about the "ape-inderx".....enjoy ¡¡¡

Josefish <><
Josefish <><
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Old 06-01-2017
Zenturtle Zenturtle is offline
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I dont think you are as extreme as these swimmers, and even they can achieve a certain level of smoothness. although it will be a differnt stroke as a personal with avarage dimensions.

Woman have shorter arms and smaller hands than man. Cant they swim smooth?
Usally they are better swimmers than man.

Simmonds has a pretty gliding stroke for her size

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