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Old 04-18-2018
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Default Starting over

Around 97' or 98' I was doing triathlon, swim, bike, run. I have worked in the engineering field for the last 30 years or so. When I came across Terry's web site I was hooked. Since you can't argue physics in engineering or swimming I though his ideas where fabulous. I attended a couple of his weekend camps and took my daughter to a teen week long camp in Wisconsin. Since she was on the swim team in high school and my interest in doing triathlon I jumped at the chance to become the boys and girls assistant coach when it came open. A year later the head coach quite and they asked me to take his position. So I coached high school swimming for the next 6 years. My coaching was fully based on Total Immersion swimming techniques and I was a firm believer. Race forward 20 years and now looking into retirement my interest in swimming returned. I am an avid bicycle rider doing about 10,000 miles a year, but longed to be back in the pool. I came across Terry's web site again by chance and noticed he had passed(so very sorry). Long story short I began to study his newer methods and they seemed to make so much more sense to me(along with all the you tube videos of other swimmers thoughts). So off to the pool I went, thinking this time I will treat his methods as a process and not move on to the next drill until I conquer the previous. Well balance was the first step and I was suddenly stopped in my tracks when I found I could not get my legs to float no matter what I did and how much I read and watched the videos. Sorry for the long story but my question to the forum is should I just skip over this module since I can't find balance or use fins or neoprene jammers or pull buoy to gain this illusive balance? I have tried all the ideas in the previous post about legs sinking and there seems to be no way I can achieve any resemblance of balance. I even bought a swim snorkel from Total Immersion's site and I find myself pressing my head in so far to try and get balanced that I constantly get water into the breathing tube.

Signed, Very disheartened
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