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Old 02-10-2015
CoachBobM CoachBobM is offline
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Originally Posted by jenson1a View Post
Coach Bob

Is this really a watch or a ring? I had looked it up on finis and it looked as if it was a ring. My question would be the issue of sizing. Can you elaborate?

Yes, it's a ring. It fastens with an adjustable strap that fits around your finger. You can adjust it increments of about a sixth of an inch.

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Old 02-12-2015
skelander skelander is offline
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I never count laps. But I do count every two laps, i.e. every 50 meters.

Also, I mentally "check off" every 500 meters (10*50). So in the end all I need to remember are how many "500 meters" I've swum.

Works for me
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Old 02-25-2015
Swimming Dutchman Swimming Dutchman is offline
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Swimming Dutchman
Default Swimovate

Hi there

I don't like to count laps because there are better things to dwell about in between walls.

I bought a poolmate hr. Works perfectly. Software could be a bit better.
Best part about it is the vibrating alarm. I have it go off every 10 laps.

Never used the heart rate chest belt. Just looks plain stupid in the water.
Should have gotten the PoolMate Pro.

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Old 09-05-2016
caronis caronis is offline
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Red face Saved Me From Looking Like I Belong In The Baby Pool!

I appreciate this Post and it came in the nick of time because I recently ordered a child's abacus and was going to use it by the pool....I am so grateful to realize there is a more mature-seeming pace counter put out by the military....though I will avoid buying the one that uses beads that look like skulls....
I've used the SportCount in the past and generally like it, however, it is easy to lose because it's so small...
I actually did order a SportCount recently at the same time as the abacus because I do like to know my times for shorter distances.....however the abacus was for knowing my grand total of my laps....
Well...this came in the nick of time because I really wanted to avoid bringing out a child's toy by the pool....
I will, however, bring my favorite rubber ducky to the pool with me....I named him Terry in honor of my swim mentor....
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Old 09-14-2016
novaswimmer novaswimmer is offline
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Default Going a mile!

Originally Posted by andrewuza View Post
I swim the alphabet ... 1st wall touch A, second touch B, etc. I do still have to repeat it as I'm swimming ("n, n, n...") but even if I space out a little, I'm usually not more than a letter or so off so it's easier for me to keep track than it has been for me to keep track of numbers while swimming.
I just want to thank ANDREWUZA for this tip about the alphabet. My wife bought me an elaborate swim watch that apparently counts laps, but I don't have the patience to use it and I don't want to interrupt my stroke to punch a button each lap.

So I just swam nearly a mile tonight while 'counting' through the alphabet. There were some distractions, like when I noticed someone standing at the end of my lane and wondered whether they wanted to share it, but for the most part, I was able to keep count fairly well. With about every 2nd or 3rd stroke, I'd remind myself of the letter, or think of a word that began with it and 'announce' it to myself.

I made it through the alphabet once and then started over and went up to the letter I. So 26 + 9 = 35 laps = 1750 yards or .994 miles!

Thanks so much! I'll be using this again.

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Old 06-21-2017
BradMM BradMM is offline
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I bought small glass beads at a craft store and keep them in a little draw string bag. Works great... I don't have to think about anything, just push a bead from one side of the bottom to the other each lap and just swim.
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Old 02-10-2018
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Beads are also a good way to count the lapse, not very expensive and surely water proof
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Old 02-20-2018
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Thanks a lot
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Old 03-01-2018
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Originally Posted by jamesdave View Post
Beads are also a good way to count the lapse, not very expensive and surely water proof
Where do you keep them?
I feel sorry even for asking... lol
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