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Old 12-31-2011
CoachSuzanne CoachSuzanne is offline
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Default Michael's New Year

Hello all, I though I'd share this set I wrote for a swimmer who sent me a follow up video today. His stroke is smooth but his 2 main problems right now are tendency to crossover on entry and a wide splaying kick. This is a 1900 yd swim designed to help him focus on these 2 issues in a combination of drilling & whole stroke practice.

Feel free to mix & match the mini sets into other practices that you do

"Michaels New Year" (1900 yds)

Warmup (200)
200 Warmup (25 Skate R/25 L, 25 Spear switch R, 25L, 25 Swing switch R/25 Left, 50 swim)
4 x 50 with focal points alternating
Odds: Spear to wide targets
Evens: Legs drafting quietly behind body (small easy kick)

Main Set #1 alternating Drill & Swim (900)

Group A) 350
150 Drill as (25 Skate R, 25 Skate L, 25 Spear switch R, 25 L, 25 Swingswitch R, 25 Swing L)
4 x 50 Swim with focal points
1st 25 of each Spear to wide targets
2nd 25 of each Legs drafting quietly being body

Group B) 300
100 Drill as 25 Skate R, 25 Skate L, 25 Spear Switch R, 25 Spear Switch L
4 x 50 Swim with Focal Points
Odds: Laser Beam head position
Evens: Spear to wide targets

Group C) 250
50 Drill as 25 Skate R, 25 Skate L
4 x 50 Swim with Focal points
1st 25 of each Laser beam, esp during breath
2nd 25 of each spear to wide targets.

Main Set #2 Sets of 75 (600)
3 x 75 Swim with Focal points
1st 75: Laser Beam
2nd: Spear to Wide Targets
3rd: Legs drafting behind torso, gentle kick

3 x 75 Swim with Focal points, rotate each 25
1st 25 ,Laser Beam, 2nd 25 Spear to wide targets, 3rd 25, Legs drafting

Cooldown: (200-250)
2 x 100 selecting focal points one at a time from today's set. Feel free to throw in another round of 50 skating in the middle
Suzanne Atkinson, MD
Level 3 USAT Coach
USA Paralympic Triathlon Coach
Coach of 5 time USA Triathlon Triathlete of the Year, Kirsten Sass
Steel City Endurance, LTD
Fresh Freestyle

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