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Old 06-13-2012
MakoMike MakoMike is offline
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Default Improved by lay off?

I had a rather interesting experience swimming today. The last time I was in the pool was over three months ago. I had been pursuing the TI method for about nine months before an enforced lay off. When I last swam I had the problem that it seems a lot of people have in that I had reached a plateau where 50M was the maximum distance I could go without stopping because I was totally out of breath. I got in a fairly empty pool today and I just swam up and down for well over half an hour without stopping and without being out of breath. It seems that somehow the technique has sunk in by just thinking about it in the meantime. I feel quite elated about this because I was previously thinking that the whole thing was a lost cause.
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Old 06-13-2012
Donal F Donal F is offline
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Donal F

Maybe you relaxed a bit because your expectations were lower.
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Old 06-14-2012
Zoner Zoner is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2011
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Hi, I agree that being more relaxed has all great side effects in the water. I can attest to this fact when I was swimming many, many pool laps with good results and no exhaustion. Then I jumped into open water for the first time and I was just plain bad and became tired very quickly. I was shocked and really down about this turn of events. But after realizing I was thinking of current and chop, seaweed hanging from my goggles, and the fact I couldn't see the bottom, etc. I decided to jump in the lake as many times as I could to get used to the environment. Every day was a bit easier and not soon after I was swimming just like in the pool, realxed with a clear mind. But I still tell everyone that asks the key to not tiring, in my opinion, without a doubt is getting all that air out each breathing cycle. Getting air in is automatic, but not getting all the air out just causes CO2 buildup. Keep it going. Congrats on your find.
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Old 06-14-2012
rolferdon rolferdon is offline
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congrats on the breakthrough. The Key for me was similar to what
zoner stated "getting the air out" I have a bit of a sinus issue and could not seem to get enough air exhaled through the nose, have to blow out through my mouth which is getting to be more automatic and natural feeling. In the pool tonight after a 10 days off and had to focus on it again.
For me the other key is relaxing, easier said than done. Huge difference in stroke count and felt effort between relaxed and not!
My sense is that being able to break the 50 or 100 yard mark is likely one of the bigger breakthroughs I will likely see. Keeping a log has helped see the smaller ones. Good memory just short!
Some people say I have the attention span of.......OH look a squirrel
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Old 06-14-2012
andyinnorway andyinnorway is offline
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I stopped getting out of breath when I 'stopped' breathing. I don't mean holding my breath but just allowing it to leak out without engaging any muscles.

As a former woodwind player and singer I thought I needed to control my exhalation in a steady stream but swimming seems to be the opposite. More like easing your breath out as if you were near a candle you didn't want to blow out but still allowed your lungs to empty.

4 weeks of no pools (but lots of lakes) has had a strange effect on my swimming. I am losing a little pace but the 'endless' laps has helped me relax to the point where I think I could manage a 10k at 30 minute mile pace.

I am hoping that I can pick up the loss of pace by increasing the acceleration in the propulsive phase of the stroke.

1 week to the UK's biggest open water event with 10,000 swimmers taking on Lake Windermere, and I've agreed to sign up to Windsor Triathlon next year so lots to look forward to
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Old 06-21-2012
Janos Janos is offline
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Location: Liverpool, England
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Hi Andy, do you think your background as a singer and woodwind player lets you breathe diaphragmatically at all times, without conscious effort? I have often wondered why some people seem to take to breathing during swimming freestyle without a problem, and yet it is the bane of a lot of peoples efforts. For me, the relaxed breath is a diaphragmatic one, and it is that which I use when swimming and running, but I have to work at staying relaxed enough to do it at all times. I wonder whether it is the definitive way to breathe during freestyle?

Mike, I am four months out of the pool, thanks to UK NHS and fire in my local pool. I am hoping for a similar experience of effortless cruising. Visualisation can help with technique, so am hoping that my months of daydreaming about the perfect stroke will become real when I finally hit the pool.

Regards to all.

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Old 06-23-2012
azamy azamy is offline
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Location: Herat
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I totally agree with that. I was struggling to learn the 2B kick last summer but very little success until the swimming season ended. In the winter I didn't swim at all but watching videos and reading articles kept improving the technique in my brain, as soon as swimming season started I was startled with my very first swim where I had no problem with a very well choreographed 2b kick.

good luck
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