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Old 07-20-2016
Zenturtle Zenturtle is offline
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Default Getting propulsion from your weightshifts

Disclaimer: I am a rather arm oriented swimmer, so rather focussed on optimal arm action to achieve propulsion.
See this post from that perspective,

I think this guy shows very well how a weight shifts links to a forward reaction on the low side.
In my view preparing a good catching paddle on the low side right after arm entry is essential to get maximum effect from the roll, fall of the highside and kick to link these actions to the waiting prepared paddle to torque backward and shove your body forward. This way the fall of the high side really gives an effortless forward surge if high side and low side are connected.
The relative armposition has to be right to let that high side fall connect to an already pretty vertical paddle so the paddle movenent is effective in sending a force backward and not down, or doing nothing with it, if the arm is still pointing forward.

Thats a big difference with the stuff all the beginners are doing.
This power connection is missing.
So for all the intermediate swimmers still wondering why they dont get faster.
They could probably learn something from this footage.Not only from his kick/hip drive, breathing etc,but also from his underwater front end action and timing. (ideally he would have a bit higher elbow, but this action is achievable for almost everyone)

A good TI example in my view:

Comparexd to beginner style:

Can everybody swim like him?
Well, he is a floater.(mmmm, can he float with his arm under the surfae too?) That makes it al a bit easier.

But Matt isnt a floater and his stroke looks good too, so its also possible for non-floaters.
Usually non-floaters will kick a litle deeper.

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