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Old 08-24-2012
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Default Causes for not swimming straight

I need some advice on what to look for as causes for not swimming straight, especially in open water. My pattern is usually I tend to drift to the opposite side than the one I breathe on. I have read on other threads about keeping wide tracks & I'm focusing on that. I'm sure there a hundreds of things that could cause drifting & without seeing me swim, diagnosis is just a generalization. If I am drifting to my left, does that usually mean I need to widen my track with my right or left hand? Is it possible I'm kicking more with 1 side vs the other? It would seem to me that drifting would occur if stroke balance was not there between sides. If this is the case, which side is more likely the culprit? Am I pushing myself over with the opposite side stroke or pulling over with the same side stroke?I guess 1 solution would be to breathe a few breaths on 1 side & then switch to the other but that seems like a patch solution. I want to fix the problem. Also working on taking a breath every 3 stroke vs every 2 but not there yet for longer distances.
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