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Old 10-02-2012
CoachSuzanne CoachSuzanne is offline
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I understand exactly what you are saying.

Those 10/2 people are much more flexible in the shoulders than the rest of us. The fellow who commented about too much internal rotation likely has it correct.


I think that each of the swimmers you've identified is doing what is comfortable for themselves. Those with more flexibility in the shoulders can naturally (well it's not naturally, but it's not forced beyond normal joint rainge) achieve more internal rotation without as much strain on the shoulder joint.

I would not suggest that all adults (or kids) try to deliberately achieve this position, yet many will try as they try to emulate or artifically create an EARLY vertical forearm. it's the very early part that can be overdone and cause strain on the shoulder. help you understand the 10/2 , 9/3 , 8/4 references, it refers to the direction the elbow is pointing with regard to the vertical plane being noon/6, the horizontal surface of hte water being 9/3 when viewed from the feet towards the head.

Andy's photos are shown from the side, but his reference to the clock face is as if you are looking at the swimmer from head on or foot on. 10/2 has the elbows pointing up towards the surface, 9/3 has the elbows pointing directly side was, 10/4 has them aiming slightly down.

Horribly dropped elbows would be in the water at 6/6
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