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Old 01-24-2018
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Tom Pamperin

Originally Posted by sclim View Post
Interestingly, I can hang on to 22.5 spl for the initial 25 m of the 100m even after 8-10 repeats; it's the 3rd and 4th lengths of the 100 that really get ugly as I fatigue.
This often happens for me as well--I can maintain a target SPL on the first length(s) of each repeat, but not always on subsequent lengths. This might have to do with a longer push-off at the start, and shorter push-offs later as I feel the need to breathe sooner (which is probably a mental/relaxation hurdle more than a physical one).

Originally Posted by sclim View Post
But for single 25m repeats, even with short 20-30 second rests, at 1.40 sec TT I can get 22 spl repeatedly, maybe 21.5 spl, even with some relaxation. (Maybe only BECAUSE of relaxation, come to think of it).
P.S: On reflection, I just realized something that maybe shouldn't come as a shock -- low SPL or maybe efficient stroke mechanics, which it is a marker for, has much more to do with precision and sharp mental focus than brute physical strength or state of physical recovery.
Truer words have never been written on this forum. The more deeply I delve into TI, the more convinced I become that the mental/focus aspect is by far the most important, and the most rewarding. That is why I have lately been prioritizing the ability to recapture the "feel" of a good stroke--I want to not only swim as well as I can, I want it to FEEL easy and relaxed.
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