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Old 08-14-2016
CoachBillGreentree CoachBillGreentree is offline
TI Coach
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Indeed. If you can manage to pause that video on an underwater shot at just the right moment, you can see the extended arm and then an incredibly powerful catch as the recovering arm enters the water. I'd hate to even guess at what cadence she's swimming that 800m wr at. Straight arm pulls aren't going to get her, or anyone else, there in an efficient manner.

As an aside, if I can get in touch with him and get him to let me link it, I have swimming video, above and below water, of a friend who is a top pro triathlete and has been first out of the water in Kona more than once. Another case of extending the arm to get a better catch. BTW, he's the only person who can keep up with max speed on the upgraded swim motor in our endless pool.
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Old 08-15-2016
CoachStuartMcDougal's Avatar
CoachStuartMcDougal CoachStuartMcDougal is offline
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The video of Katie Ledecky is a swim to watch. 83 spm, 35 spl, 1.2m stroke length which is 67% of her height, and using mostly 2BK incredible. What I admire far more than her catch is the recovery arm path and its momentum driven forward. Matt Horton is another, recovery arm driven forward, but at a much slower stroke rate, 60spm: . Stroke timing patterns between Ledecky and Horton very similar, hip driven, but at different tempo.

The best video/description of correct timing, driven by the hip, as well as describes the elements of the catch succinctly is from Coach Dave Cameron (I've posted several times too):

Fooboo: I'm sure you've seem Coach Dave's video on high elbow catch, but has been diluted by other conflicted messages and videos all over the internet. I suggest reviewing the video again and work on those positions suggested by Dave.

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Old 08-15-2016
Zenturtle Zenturtle is offline
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Catch timing.

Both have good technique, but

Amy de Langen

doesnt have a patient catch,but a high level windmilling technique

and Kyle Stolk does have a patient catch, which is more TI like.

When the strokerate goes up patient doesnt look so patient anymore, but there is still a short hesitation after arm entry.

Race footage:
Symmetric fast catch is a typical girly stroke style.
The patient catcher ususally falls into a loping stroke style when racing.

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