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Old 05-25-2015
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In my view the 2Bkick is a mirror of the same side pull, not primarily an action to counter the opposite hand entry effect as Brent Rushall says.
Different pull profiles often lead to a different kick profiles.
Why does Brooke Bennet kick so asymetrical?
Most logical explanation is because she pulls asymetric, and a different action needs a different reaction to keep the main body level.
A deep kick has a reason, but could also be caused by non optimal kicking technique offcourse.

Assuming the same kick technique, but simply kick shallower, what would happen if the rest of the stroke is the same?
Well, the rest of the stroke can not stay totally the same because the kick is tied through the core with the rest of the body.
The core pulses will be a little weaker, or more short and snappy. How this influences the pull and rotation?
Maybe a minor effect. I dont know.
With no kick, almost only a static pulsed core tension is left.
The legs will give lift, but at the expense of a slight upward angle. With good balance and at that swimming speed the angle will be very shallow I guess.
How much of the fast swimming with pull buoy is caused by drag reduction and how much by simply using less leg energy?
The buoyancy of the pull buoy spreads the upward force over the complete strokecycle time. The legs will be drawn a bit down at deepest and hardest part of the pull, but rise slowly in the inbetween time.
People often keep a tiny bit of kick to counter this effect,(or from kick connection habit) but low amplitude is lower energy consumption.

Measuring leg drag seperately is very difficult and because everything is linked, what will the results be worth?
Best to simply experiment with kick amplitude and measure speed.
Maybe interesting is to also experiment with a buoyant leg sleeve to bring the legs at exactly the same normal level but with the reduced amplitude kick and see what speed that brings.
Best is to check the rest of the stroke or the basic balance-natural buoyancy and figure out why the swimmer is kicking the way he or she is kicking.
But deep ingrained movement patterns are almost impossible to change it seems.
Rushall is always complaining about too much kick, gaps in propulsion, and too much up and down movement.
Most of the world record holders have a flawed technique in his eyes.
Think the guy is missing something. ( or maybe he is right and they simply cant change their technique anymore)

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