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Old 01-24-2018
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Default Concentrating too much on EVF

I know its me again LOL! I have a question and although the title of this post my sound like I'm down on EVF, I am mostly certainly not!

While at my local pool this morning. I was trying to focus on several things:

1. Relaxed recovery with fingers barely above the water - check.
2. Lead arm firm with a relaxed hand and fingers pointing down - got it.
3. Laser beam - good.
4. Catch? I said catch?

See here's the dilemma. When My head is in the water looking straight down, both right and left catch have a decent EVF. When I pierce the water with my left arm recovery I have EVF, but when I'm doing a right arm recovery I have a dropped elbow. I have tried to be mindful of it but so far it still drops.

I swim in a 33.3 yard pool and usually have and SR between 20-22. I do not feel any pain during or after my workout on the dropped left-side EVF, and I do get "OK" momentum afterward. Should I try and correct this and if so how? Not sure if I'm making sense here or not but if I don't get some answers it'll start getting into head every time I workout.

I am extremely satisfied with my TI swimming in general, but this one area has me perplexed to no end any and all advice from coaches or other TI devotees who have experienced the same would be greatly appreciated.

Keep Swimming!
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