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Old 06-01-2015
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Default Individual 2BK timing

We talk a lot about the 2BK timing.
The rough timing is clear, but there are differnces in timing between swimmers.
No right or wrong, just personal preferences.
So a tip from one person doenst have to be exactly right for your optimal kick timing.

A late 2BK timing example.
Coach Mandy doesnt kick when the arm enters the water, but when the arm is completely extended and the pulling arm is at the end of the push
This timing resembles the timing of the normal 6BK the most with 4 kicks left out and only using the 2 main kicks.

An early 2BK example.
TJ fry has a good stroke, but his kicktiming is much earlier than coach Mandys.
He is really kicking down when the opposite hand just enters the water, and his pulling arm is halfway its stroke.
Sun Yang seems to have an even earlier 2BK main kick.

This is TJ fry s opinion about the 2BK timing:

Something I'd like to add is that all 2 beat kicks are not the same. It all depends on timing. The kick that you see me doing - I'm kicking with the same leg as I'm pulling. So to some degree the kick (or hips) are helping to drive the rotation. So you tend to get bigger rotation and a slower turnover as it lends itself to more of a power stroke. Now, it you place the start of the kick as the opposite hand enters the water, you are canceling out some of that rotation, which helps with a faster turnover and less powerful stroke. (Shoulder driven) It also tends to be a little flatter. When I say less powerful I don't mean slower. Just different gearing so to speak. I will use both types depending on the situation. Smooth water or the middle of an Ironman swim I will use the stroke in the video. When it's time for quick decisions and changes, I go to the other.
I don't mean to further muddy the waters with all this kicking talk, but even once you learn the 2 beat, you still might not be doing the 2 beat that favors your particular stroke.

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