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Old 01-12-2015
Zenturtle Zenturtle is offline
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didnt read copy paste for beginners.... ... -triumphs/

If you focusl on it, its pretty clear that the connection with the bodyroll and arm movenet is strongest at the start and the end of the stroke, what is completley logical from the propulsive surface angle point of view.

Anybody can try this.
Float in prone position and test in 3 arm positions while someone rotates the body plus and minus 45 degrees.
-1 Arm in normal catch position
-2 Arm at shoulder height (90 degrees through armstroke). propulsive plane facing perfectly backwards
- 3 Arm at 135 degrees through armstroke, a bit before exit point.

Only in position 2 the bodyroll is free and not connected with the arm.
IN the other positions you wiill feel pressure on the forearm (and hand depending on hand angle.)
If fingers are pointed to the bottom of the pool at position 1 en 3, the hand surface is also disconnected with the roll in those positions.
Thats what Rod means. He is the hand force man.
A guy like Sun Yang also doesnt feel pressure on rotation in position 1 on the forearm caused by simple body rotation. His forearm is vertical in position 1.
Most normal people will feel pressure caused by rotation in this test in position 1 and 3.

If a human arm couild move like a conveyer belt, it would be possible to keep the propulsive surfaces perpedicular to the swim axis.(Rod is 100% right)
If a human arm windmills underwater, only at 90 degrees this condition applies.(Rod is 5% right)
The real movement is somewhere between those 2 extremes.

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