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Old 12-21-2011
andyinnorway andyinnorway is offline
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Default Descending 25īs for Speed, focus and Technical development

I call this Swim high Jump and its one of my favorite sets.

Set your TT at the upper end of your range.

Choose an SPL at the lower end of your range (min or min+1)

swim 25m or 1 lap within your SPL target.
repeat once or twice.

Success. Well done.

Take your TT down 0.02 and repeat as long as you can hold SPL.

I find over 25m I can hold my SPL at my minimum throughout my whole TT range, however, along the way I have slip ups that require deliberate adjustment to achieve the goal on the next lap.

a worked example.

at TT 1.3 I can swim 100m at 14 SPL so this is where I would start

The first few lengths of holding 14 SPL as I descend from 1.3 to 1.2 are fairly straight forward but then I might suddenly hit an SPL 15 as the tempos continue to increase.

This is where the fun starts. What are my options to keep my SPL under target.

1. better streamlined pushoff,

2. increasing reach per stroke (thereīs always more available)

3. get more distance and reach from the first underwater stroke before first spear

4. recruit more muscle fiber for longer stronger strokes.

5. bring in my 2bk with ever increasing deliberacy (is that a word)

6. test the effect on streamline of my breathing i.e. if I am struggling to reach my goal at a faster tempo, I breath every 4 or 6 strokes instead of 2. If that helps me, I know I am giving away streamline when I breathe so try to adjust for the next lap.

Last week I took my single lap SPL14 from 1.3 to 0.95 with this method and yesterday managed SPL13 from 1.3 to 1.14 (keeping push off times at 1.5 strokes throughout).

I believe this can improved significantly as I am guessing elite swimmers will be hitting 9-11SPL in a tempo of 0.8-1.0

When I have finished this set I then try to swim some 200īs at a relaxed tempo I can maintain my best stroke technique at (probably back around my starting tempo 1.3-1.4).

Because I have been swimming so long in the previous set this normally translates to faster than my average race pace.

I also like this set as it lets me get a great mental and physcial workout even when the lane is busy as I can swim in the gaps.
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