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Old 03-26-2014 is offline
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Well I've lost 3st in the last 8 months and it's made almost zero difference to my swimming.

It has slightly reduced the stress on my shoulder and elbow joints, but my balance was pretty decent before the weight loss and hasn't worsened.

I had wondered whether I might see a significant speed increase, but I haven't seen it.

My working hypothesis at this point is that:
  • My "crusing" speed is more a function of my innate physiology than anything else. I am just comfortable at 50spm, I don't really like swimming faster than that, even if I'm physically fit enough to do so.
  • The penalities for moderate excess weight in the water are minimal.
  • My reduced mass means I am able to breathe less frequently, so I can now more easily breathe bilaterally on every 3rd stroke instead of needing to breathe every 2nd stroke.
  • CV fitness work, as I suspected, is just as well done outside the pool by running, etc.
  • Swimming is supposed to be fun, if you are concentrating on getting faster or better to the detriment of enjoying your swimming then it may be time to just relax and enjoy things for a bit.
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Old 03-26-2014
jenson1a jenson1a is offline
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•Swimming is supposed to be fun, if you are concentrating on getting faster or better to the detriment of enjoying your swimming then it may be time to just relax and enjoy things for a bit.

Well said Craig

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Old 04-09-2014
danm danm is offline
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that's an interesting discussion, even though the OP doesn't provide much information.
generally, losing weight should lead to improved performance in some way, if not in actual speed maybe at least you should feel better in the water.

I read somewhere that experienced coaches believe that weight loss of 10 kilos can bring an increase in speed of about 7-8 seconds/100m (I'll hopefully be able to confirm that around fall ;).

The interesting discussion is whether losing weight (fat) will make you go slower or faster? Indeed, fat makes you float, so losing fat also loses you some buoyancy. How much does that matter? I am not sure that comparisons of triathlon athletes improving their times when swimming with a wetsuit are usefull. Buoyancy distribution from a wetsuit is different than that of fat. Then, whatever your buoyancy, you still have to pull that weight forward. Think of a boat with an engine. Engine stays the same, you increase the boat's weight, something's got to happen - either you burn more fuel, or you go slower. Reduce the weight, the boat will go faster (up to some limit) or/and burn less fuel. Same with body weight, it's almost impossible to not improve if you're losing significant weight. If you don't then maybe there is a serious issue with your technique. Or a medical/nutritional one. So see a coach or a doctor, or both.
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Old 04-10-2014
dprevish dprevish is offline
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Originally Posted by exmax View Post
it may be something as simple as adjusting your spear depth ? there a coaching directive for low body fat % (weight loss) and adjusting spear depth a little higher? Or is there no correlation to speak of? Just curious.
Dave Prevish
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Old 04-14-2014
tomwilliamau tomwilliamau is offline
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You can try also power yoga
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Old 04-16-2014
Rincewind Rincewind is offline
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If you lose fat you become less bouyant.

Hopefully the weight loss happens gradually enough so that the balance readjustment comes naturally.

But if you have been on a diet or followed some other exercise plan and the fat loss happened outside of the pool I can see how jumping back into the pool you can suddenly feel less balanced due to lower bouyancy.
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Old 08-21-2014
peterson peterson is offline
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Lots of peoples are facing obesity problems and over fats problems and they struggling to loss weight and used many harmful medications. But i recommend that not use fake and harmful medications.if you really want to loss weight then use natural ways to get rid from obesity.

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