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Old 05-30-2012
bazfletch3 bazfletch3 is offline
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Default 2 beat kick with spear switch - looking for help please!!!!!

Hi all

I've been a forum lurker for some time now, after jumping on the TI wagon mid last year.

As a brief intro, I’m a 33 year old aussie guy who has been a lifelong amateur athlete (primarily aussie rules football) with a general interest in health and fitness – who couldn’t swim….

Injuries have finally curtailed my football career and I’ve used it as a spur to finally learn to swim properly, with a long term goal of getting into triathlon’s (LONG term…!!!)

So I grabbed hold of a TI book and DVD, swallowed my pride and started slowly working through the drills and exercises at the pool, starting from the beginning. I havnt “swum” (my previous inefficient version of it) since I’ve started the TI drills, in an effort to try and un-learn my previous bad habits. It’s a very slow process, but for the first time in my life I feel like I have some sort of “control” over what I am doing, that it has a purpose, and that I AM getting there.

But, I’m looking for some help. I’m currently trying to work up from what I think is a pretty solid skating effort, into a co-ordinated spearswitch, with a 2beat kick. Things just didn’t seem to be working for me, and what I think I have worked out is that up until now I have been using a flutter kick in my drills, but my flutter kick has ended up merging to be right leg dominant, kind of to a 1-2 tempo (I hope this makes sense). When I now try using a 2 beat kick in spear switch, my transition from right arm skating, across to left, feels pretty good (with a right leg kick). But switching the other way, I am completely unco-ordinated, and more often than not I end up kicking again with my right leg, and balance goes out the window.

Last night I tried my own little drill in an effort to help, doing left arm skating, consciously kicking with my left foot only, and working into a pattern/tempo of
• left kick - left arm skate - glide
• left kick - left arm skate - sneak right hand to goggles - glide
• left kick - switch to right arm skate - glide
Then I’d stop and reset, and repeat. I did feel like I was making some progress, although it still feels very foreign compared to doing the opposite sequence, where everything feels nice and co-ordinated and streamlined.

Does it sound like I am on the right track with my thinking and approach here? I’d love to hear anyone else’s advice or experience on this.

Cheers & Thanks

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