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Old 03-27-2012
jriley jriley is offline
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Default Kick - Reverse Propulsion

Discovered tonight that my kick makes me go backward.

Just to see how little kick I could use and remain flat (balanced), I started a workout at the wall, put fingertips on the wall, got in Superman position, and began a compact, gentle, 1 foot radius kick, about equal to a 2-beat at 45-50 stroke rate tempo.

Stayed flat as a ferry, relaxed - balance is not a big problem for me. No scissoring, and I don't "bicycle" or "ball kick". I was kicking minimally, just "flick of the foot" stuff, again just to see how little I needed to stay balanced.

What I noticed in this little experiment was that I slowly and steadily moved away from the wall - backward. Wonderful to see the tiles going by in reverse . . .

How's THAT for drag . . .

Not a big surprise for me. I knew I had a weak kick - I go nowhere in non-stroking drills without using fins. Just didn't realize that it was negatively propulsive. My feet have high arches, and toes naturally arc up from the forefoot - basically the opposite of flat, flipperlike feet.

I've been stretching my ankles and doing extra skating laps with fins to try to improve the kick for weeks. Lots a good that has done. ;-)

If it helps, I average 14-15 SPL per 25, swim golf score for 50 scy is in the 75-80 range typically.

Is this fixable? If so, how?
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