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Old 12-05-2011
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Default Need advice about free style practices

I need an advice.
On last 2 months my training was mainly oriented to improve stroke lenght.
I'm 5'11", I'm 47 y, my typical set is [4x25+3x50+2x75+1x100] and now I can sustain 17 strokes per lenght ( I did yesterday)
at slow frequence :
Without TT but slow rate: OK,
TT=1.35: OK
TT=1.30: OK ( great!! thanks to TI!!)
TT=1.25 OK for 25/50m, KO for 75/100
TT=1.20 OK for 25m, KO for 25/50/100

Then I turn to another target: faster rate, so I set my TT to 1.0 and I go for same set ([4x25+3x50+2x75+1x100])
Now I have 19 strokes only for the shortest stint: 25m, for longer the stroke number raise to 20-21 and I'm not fast: ( 1'09"/1'10" for 75m, 1'32"/1'34" for 100m) and I think my efficency level is slow.

Finally the question:
Which is the best way to improve, the first, striving for mantain 17 strokes at slow rate, with TT setted 1.25 / 1.20 , or, in the opposite direction get used to higher frequency ( TT range from 1.05 to 0.90)
trying to keep 19/20 strokes per lenght increasing distance from 25m to 400m or more?

Maybe both methods are OK, but which is the best approach for races in Open Water ( distance from 800 to 4k) or in the pool ( 800/1500m) when race's season incoming?

Thanks in advance.
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