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Old 01-27-2018
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Default Thinking of becoming a TI Coach

Hi Coaches,

First off let me apologize if I am putting this question in the wrong topic forum. I figured it would be the best place to do so.

So, here it goes, I've been a TI practitioner since 2008. I had the good fortune to be in a workshop with Coach Dave Cameron and Coach Fiona Laughlin. Although I was raw at the time, I kept refining my skills and low and behold I noticed that all those hours of drills paid off. Not only that, but others at the pool and open water noticed too. It wasn't uncommon for someone to comment on my stroke and ask how to get faster with more efficienct. The short answer was always: "Take a TI course and it'll change your life." But at times I would show them basics like Superman glide, explaining the need to have your head in a neutral position etc.

Well as time went on I would come online to the forums and think about taking the TI coach's certification 1.0 course but I would always talk myself out of it. Not sure why I did that but I did. Then one day I got the sad news that Terry had passed away of prostate cancer. I recently was diagnosed with that same form and fortunately found it in time, had my prostate removed and am now cancer free!

During the time when I was active on this forum, I would converse with Terry about my desire to teach children and adults of color how to swim. The drowning rates in Black and Brown communities is three times that of Whites and I felt that before I could market swimming as a sport, it needed to be seen as a life skill. Terry was in total agreement with me. He emphasized that I take the TI coaching course and target my work with these marginalized communities. In fact, he told me this in person when we met face-to-face on one of his trips out to California to teach, and I hosted him at The South End Rowing Club.

That's been over 8 years ago and yet I still haven't taken the course. But now I have decided that the time is right. I have made a decision to get certified in 2019! The reason for this is that I need to raise the money to do so, but I want to fulfill my desire to teach TI swimming and be a part of the bigger community of this amazing movement. My questions to you all are the following:

1. Are you happy with your chose to become a TI coach?
2. What did you find the most challenging about becoming a coach?
3. Are there other coaches that work with marginalized groups and what has been your success and or frustration?


4. Am I crazy to ask these sorts of questions and and have the desire to become a TI coach?

Please all coaches are welcome to respond. I values all your input.

Keep Swimming,
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