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Old 04-03-2012
Grant Grant is offline
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Default BC Provincial Championships

On Fri, Sat and Sun the BC Championships were held in the Saanich Commonwealth Pool in greater Victoria. This was the site of the 1994 Commonwealth Games. The meet was Short Course Meters. I swam 5 events. On Sat the 400 Free, 50 Fly and 100Free. On Sunday it was the 200 Free and the 50 Free. I am in the middle of the 75 to 79 age group with an age of 77.
To put my swims in context the last six months have been rather eventful health wise. Had a prostatectomy in Oct for an agressive cancer and they found some Squamous cell cancer in my left ear in Feb. The latter was no big deal surgically, however my recovery from the Oct procedure while pretty good has been slower than I thought. Am informed by the medical people that it can take a year.
Going in I really had no idea what to expect. I knew i was swimming significantly slower than last year. My last race meet was April 2011. I entered seed times that were slower than last years results but at a level that I felt there was some doubt as wheather I could get those times.

Results. Was very pleased as I was under my seed times in all races and they exceeded the exsisting best Canada times for calender year 2012 for that age group in all but the 400 Free.
Will change my taper next time as I did not swim the Wed and Fri before the race and when I got in the pool on Sat it felt at first very strange. But after a 800m warm up I was okay but did not get a feel for the flip turns so decided to use open turns just to be safe.

Will give a short rundown of times and comments for each race.
400m Free - Last year my time was 6:59 and I seeded at 7:20. My time was 7:19.44. Used mostly 2 beat kick. Was pleased after the race but was less than pleased when I saw my split times. I committed the classic tactic of doing the first 50m too fast. Settled down and held a fairly steady pace till the last 50 when I swam that 4 seconds faster. When finished I felt I had under played it and could of done it faster. Was using a stroke rate of 18/25m. Must learn to pace this race better.

50m Fly - Last year 44.86 - seeded 50.0 and swam 48.14. This race was about 45 minutes after the 400 so I was pretty well rested. My times in practice had been over 50 seconds but that was at the end of my workouts.
Swam, taking a breath every stroke and focused on keeping the head in line with the body. Felt good and smooth. I triple kicked in for the last stroke. Should of taken another stroke, which would of got me into the 47 sec range. Have not been able to do any pushing excercises as my long head biceps tendon on my left arm is very touchy so my strength for this stroke is not what it used to be. Will build slowly and think I can get back down to 44.

100 Free - Last year 1:21.76 seeded 1:30 swam 1:25.84 This was my third race on Sat and was well rested. Went out in 40 on the first 50 and did 45 sec last 50. As you can see I was nowhere near a negative. Again the third length I must of eased off. 19 strokes per length, six beat kick.

200m Free - Last year 3:15.06 seeded 3:30 swam 3:22.32. Settled down somewhat by this time but still did not pace it as well as I wanted. Especially the 3rd 50. Fell into my old habit of easing off a little and then giving it for all its worth on the last 25. Swam this at 20 strokes per 25.

50m Free - Last year 36.79 seeded 40.00 swam 38.20. I still love this race as one can just blast open the gates. Focused on staying relaxed and swimming quietly while taking 21 strokes per length.

By the way I was the only one in my age group so I was either first or last. Depends how you spin it :o)

I used a 6 beat kick or faster on all the Free events except the 400m. As well on the fly I used 2 kicks per stroke.

I atribute my relative sucess to having spent the last year using the TI model (actually have been for years) and working with the TT at various rates from 1.3 down to .85. I am intrigued with the longer distances like 400,800 and 1500 but cant let go of the sprints so my training gets divided. Maybe in later years I will let go the sprints but not yet.

Swimming has brought such a joy to my life and reading the forums every day keeps me in a steady state of eagerness for my next swim. I hold the races as the icing on the cake. The real meal is the everyday swim. Thanks to Terry and the forum for contributing so meanfully.

Next meet Canadian Championships in Kelowna on the May long weekend. Will see what happens then.
May we swim with ease at the speeds we choose.
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Old 04-03-2012
Richardsk Richardsk is offline
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Great stuff, Grant

I'm very familiar with the "first or last whichever way you look at it" situation. I actually prefer it when there's someone else there, even when they're much faster, which they usually are. I'm amazed at how often they tell me they used to play water polo, which is obviously a great conditioner.

I wish I'd played it myself, but I was fairly busy at the time with Rugby and athletics, apart from the other things that one is involved in as a teenager and young man, such as music, drama, dancing, study, and of course chasing vainly after attractive young females.

Now I enviously watch as they tear off down the pool in front of me, and some of them are old ladies in their eighties!
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