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Old 07-07-2018
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Default Letter To Terry

Hello Terry, I have had improvement on my TI swimming along the years that I have been practicing it through your books and DVDS , The issue that I have is that TI is misinterpreted by some of the experts that are preaching it. I missed a clear message about TI. There are many "caciques", much ego.TI is a simplified and scientific approach to swimming, but somehow it is missed in the process of teaching it. Sometimes I get a glimpse, a eureka insight from a past TI instructor who developed his/her own business. Some of her own videos have a simpler approach without any baggage. For instance Terry, in the 2 days TI workshop I had attended, the instructor may have miscoated you about your recovery, saying that your pushing the water back past the hips may be a bad habit from your early swimming years. I came to realize that you do this in ALL YOUR SWIMMING, furthermore, the videos I have been watching explains that pushing the hand past the hips makes the front gliding hand to elongate, thus, helping the slippering of the body through the hole". I came to develop a questioning approach to TI "experts". I feel that there is always some incomplete information. There is always something left out on purpose. For instance, in the workshop that I had attended, the instructor wanted to create a whole new "advanced" workshop to introduce the two beat kicks . I believe this should have been included in this 2 days workshop...Can we get any simpler streamlining and have a unified msg from TI?
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Old 07-08-2018
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Old 07-10-2018
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In your post, you say two things that seem to be at odds with one another. You say that a past TI coach who developed his/her own business has "a simpler approach without any baggage", and you ask for "simpler streamlining" and conclude by saying "show less". But you also complain that "there is always some incomplete information" and mention that one instructor "wanted to create a whole new 'advanced' workshop to introduce two beat kicks" adding that you "believe this should have been included in the 2 days workshop."

The problem is that you can't include more things while at the same time showing less. The one thing that's constant about a 2-day workshop is the amount of time we have, so the only thing we can vary is what we do with that time.

One of the things that isn't constant is the specific problems that different swimmers have.

I've taught TI swimming in a camp, in workshops, and also as a series of private lessons. What I find when I'm teaching it via a series of lessons is that different swimmers struggle with different things. I remember one swimmer who had a terrible time learning to keep his hips up. No matter what position his body was in, he just didn't seem to be able to do it. Once he got past that, the rest was pretty smooth sailing. Another swimmer had no problem keeping his hips up, but really struggled with rotating his body about the axis of his spine. There was just something about the process of rotating his body that he found uncomfortable. The nice thing about private lessons is that I can vary how much time I spend on each part of the training program, tailoring it to the particular needs of the swimmer I'm instructing.

In a workshop, of course, we can't do that. Each swimmer is likely to come away feeling that we spent too much time on some things and not enough on others. And they are likely to disagree about which things we spent too much time on and which ones we spent too little time on.

There are also some problems that a swimmer isn't going to be able to get over in 2 days, and those problems may be an obstacle to learning more advanced skills. One of the problems I had when I went to a 2-day TI workshop in February of 1999 was that I had developed a wide, flailing kick. I remember Terry telling me that "you're not going to get over it this weekend." The goal of a TI workshop isn't to have swimmers come out of the 2 days with a perfect stroke (which would be impossible), but to have started them on a program that, over time, will perfect their stroke. If Terry had tried to cover a 2 beat kick at that workshop in 1999, it would have been totally wasted on me, because I first needed several months to get rid of my wide, flailing kick.

We always welcome feedback on our workshops, since this is how we learn how to better tailor the amount of time we spend on different skills. There are some things we used to spend more time on that we don't spend as much time on anymore, and there are other things we spend more on.

Thanks for your comments!

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