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Old 08-05-2018
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Default Clarifying Switch Drills

I just spent about an hour slowly drowning myself trying to figure out switch drills and so Iíve decided to come to the Internet for itís collective wisdom. In the TI Bible (Chapter 8, Drill 6, Step 1) it says that ďwhen you see your hand under your nose, keep moving it forward to full extension as you roll (switch) past Sweet Spot on the other side.Ē

I attempted this several different ways and I have two major questions. First, the way I understand this is that if perpendicular to my chest and straight at the pool is 90 degrees and my right shoulder is 0 and my left is 180, I should be starting at 0, bringing my hand up to my face, and then rolling through 90 and almost to 180. Is that correct?

Second, when Iím rolling am I supposed to be pulling with my extended arm? Thatís what I was doing, but it doesnít explicitly state that in the book and Iím concerned that I may be completely misunderstanding the drill. I found a few older videos, but they were of a series of drills and apart from providing soothing music and highlighting the fact that Iím nowhere near that graceful in the water, they werenít all that helpful in identifying exactly what drill was being performed.

Iíve gotten to be comfortable with drills 1-5 over the past week* and up until today I was really enjoying the whole process, but for some reason the switching drills made me want to go back to running, and I donít need that sort of negativity in my life.

*Iím still working on making both sides feel ďchocolateĒ in hand-lead Sweet Spot, but my legs are good at sinking, Iím bad at breathing water, and I donít have access to fins.
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