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Old 02-27-2018
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Default Safety and loud music in pool

At the pool where I swim regularly, the lifeguards play heavy beat music that's so loud I can hear it with earplugs in and my head under water. Is this not a safety issue? They wouldn't be able to hear someone gasping. They haven't responded to my complaints on the basis of obnoxiousness, so now I want to see if I can get their attention on the basis of safety/liability. I've done some Google search and found two pages that support me on this, but would like to have some more back-up to include in my next letter.

Am I nuts, or is this a problem? And if yes, any references that back me up would be appreciated. Thanks!! Happy swimming!!
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Old 02-28-2018
daveblt daveblt is offline
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The music or whatever you want to call it ( I can imagine the noise ) SHOULD NOT be that loud ! For safety, yes., and out of respect for other people who do not want to hear the loud music .
I would complain to the management or people in charge.

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Old 03-01-2018
CoachBobM CoachBobM is offline
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When lifeguards are looking for swimmers in distress, sound usually isn't all that important a factor. I could imagine swimmers having problems hearing a lifeguard's whistle, but perhaps they silence the music if they need to blow their whistle?

But you certainly have a right to complain if it's annoying you. The pool should be trying to satisfy the customers - not the lifeguards.

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