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Old 06-06-2011
TIJoe TIJoe is offline
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Thanks for all the replies. It is quite interesting to see all kinds of answers but very few direct answer to the what I thought was a straightforward question.

RobM77: 16/17 seconds for 25M is pretty fast for an amature. I can swim at a little over 2minute per 100M for long distance, but for now, cannot crack 20second for 25M (though pretty close 21-22). Your potential upside is a lot higher than mine once you solve your breathing issue.

Westy: I was talking about two different categories. Competitive swimmers speed is not in the same category as adult onset swimmers. I am just putting things in perspective. I am interested in knowing how competitive swimmers speed decline as they age. But I don't think I can ever achieve the speed of a competitive swimmer. For myself, I belong to adult onset swimmers, so I am interested in seeing how far I can go (at least set a realistic goal) if I know how that category of swimmers have achieved.

Alex: it was a straightforward question, in a 25 meter pool, what is your best effort time for 100 meters? I should add off the wall not block.

Kris: Thanks for sharing your time with us as a competitive swimmer. But don't take my question the wrong way.

My question is just a simple one not meant to convey any opion on how to train or what is important.

For long term, my swimming goal is to swim as efficiently as possible, to be able to swim like Terry, relaxed and enjoy every stroke. However, that takes a long time and it is fun to have a short term achievable goal to motivate myself. In fact, it does help in many ways to have a short term specific goal. For me, I found myself paying more attention to how I streamline when I push off, how I make turns (still not efficient open turns, but at least I am paying attention to small details which I would not otherwise). Also, I found 100 meters to be a very good distance in that it is not too short that you can get away with technical inefficiency by simply overpowering the water like you could in a 25meter dash. Yet, it is not too long that you lose concentration. If I swim 500 meters, I can never concentrate the whole time, which results in simply repeating my usual stroke without having any focus.
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