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Old 08-26-2015
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Originally Posted by Danny View Post
Is the longest distance for competitive swimming 1500 m? If so, what about training for multi-mile open water distances? Descending, do you have any data on the "speed first" approach to these marathon events in open water?
1500m or 1650 yards for short course in the U.S. USRPT doesn't have any data I'm aware of for ultra/OW. That said we have a couple of IM focus triathletes who are using race pace training and getting faster. I think one of them put a 52-53ish split in over the summer. They do tons and tons of 75's and 100's until they miss. Then they go collapse in the shade. makes me glad to be in a race that takes less time than most people spend in the shower every day:)
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Old 08-28-2015
andyinnorway andyinnorway is offline
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Originally Posted by s.sciame View Post
Looking at their ages and times over different distances, it's interesting to note how they build speed first and endurance second.

As an adult learner I used to think that I could neglect building speed and go straight to build endurance (given some decent technique in place of course, and continuing with technical refinements while training endurance), but I'm realizing that it does not really work like this, or it works up to a point.

By the way Andy, I remember you were training speed over short distances last winter, with the intention to build aerobic fitness just before summer. Did it work? How much did you improve? I ask because I'm transitioning from threshold training to USRPT.


Salvo - I've improved a bit time wise this summer over last year. I think my short distance work made me faster at 50m.

My endurance has changed more. I'm happy to swim up to 5km in open water any day of the week now and still go home and play with the kids or work on the house, whereas last year a mile non stop swim was still a manageable challenge.

I think I've finally learnt to relax more muscles during the stroke cycle whilst maintaining stroke form.
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