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Old 04-12-2015
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Hi Ron,

You're welcome and no worries! I try to make sure that others don't misinterpret the message and add clarification when needed.

Great that you started to feel the difference on the way back up the scale - any change triggers an adaptation to the neural system. Changing it up frequently is always a good thing.

There are many interesting sets you can come up with to trigger adaptation to quicker tempos. One of my favorite sets is from Coach David Shen: 10x100's (or 50's): Start at sustainable tempo +0.04 secs/stroke and drop down -.01 each 100. This allow a slow adaption to the the quicker tempo that is -.05 secs/stroke faster than your sustainable tempo.

The goal of this set is to manage stroke length (spl to spl+1) as you drop into faster tempos after 500 yards or meters. You can also start this set off at sustainable tempo and swim the last 100 at tempo -0.10. Or start +0.10 slower and come down to sustainable tempo. Combinations of tempo adaptation sets are almost endless.

Happy Laps and Tempo Sets!

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