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Old 04-19-2009
mailtonataraj mailtonataraj is offline
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Default Problem while lifting the hand out of water

I am grateful to Terry bcz i learned Butterfly after watching Terry's Butterfly for Boomers DvD. Now i have started practicing the Backstoke DvD. Following are the problems i face

1) While i do active balance, i am not able to control the face/neck movement. When i rotate, my head also rotates and causes the face to sink in water
2) While lifting the hand for performing stroke, i loose balance and end up face sinking in water.

Any thoughts on this
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Old 04-19-2009
LBRoberts LBRoberts is offline
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I would practice sweet spot and active balance drills. When you can do the active balance bill perfectly, move onto backstroke.

The active balance drill is a great one for learning to keep your head still
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Old 04-20-2009
dwdvagamundo dwdvagamundo is offline
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Default Use your water bottle

The best drill for learning to keep your head still is one that used to be part of TI (or at least I think it was): balance your half-full water bottle on your forehead and then do backstroke kick (i.e. six beat kick). You will of course draw many strange looks and comments in the pool, and at first you will have to stop frequently to retrieve the bottle. And it's no good if the pool is busy and you have to share the lane. But over time, it's a dynamite drill if you're serious about back.
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