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Old 09-08-2017
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Originally Posted by Streak View Post
Thanks Salvo.
I reduced TT from 1.20 in .05 steps down to .95 yesterday, doing 100 yards per step.
.95 felt quite exhausting but was able to maintain my composure!
For kicks I then set .75 (80 spm) and while I did complete a 100 at this pace my SPL shot up to over 25. As you said in your above post, I felt I was cutting the stroke short at the rear to make sure I was ready for the next beep.
And did you try to swim at 60SPM right after? Did it feel easy? Anyway, to explore new rates and adapt I'd start with single lengths instead of a full 100.

Another thought: in order to practice this kind of stroke - deep spear + no shortcut at the rear + swing forward on recovery - I find the use of a front snorkel very helpful and interesting. A front snorkel usually limits body rotation - or prevents overrotation, which is good. The side effect could be to swim too flat, but in this case your shoulders would probably start complaining after a few continuous laps (this is what happens to me at least, I'm curious to know if that happens to other swimmers too), so you can detect the side effect before it becomes permanent.
Now, given the limited body rotation introduced by the snorkel, one way to keep the shoulders safe is to spear deep and NOT cut the stroke short at the rear (this would hurt the shoulders too, it's what coach Stuart calls "runner's elbow").
Without a body rotation limiter instead, you are free to (over)rotate as much as you want (especially when breathing) and your shoulders would remain happy even with a too shallow spear (for your level of flexibility) and/or a runner's elbow and other technical flaws. All hidden by overrotation - which, as we know, introduces other bad stuff.
So I sometimes challenge myself with sets like a full 800m with snorkel: the primary goal is to finish with fresh shoulders (the secondary goal is keeping a good pace of course). If I finish with some stress on shoulders it means I probably speared too shallow for my level of flexibility and/or I cutted the stroke short at the rear.

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Old 09-08-2017
Streak Streak is offline
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Thanks for the further tips Salvo.
I was not able to try 60spm after 80 but will give it a try next time.
I don't have a snorkel, I need to decide how much I want to explore all of this before loading up on even more gear!
Coach Stuart McDougal knocking me into shape
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