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Old 02-01-2013
igorner igorner is offline
Join Date: Dec 2011
Location: Newfoundland, Canada
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I just looked up the aquagoggle web site....seems like a good product,,,but I have never used them. Wouldnt a seal mask type of goggle be better in cold water swims? I'm thinking here of greater coverage over the a wider view to see what's 'up". I use vanquishers from speedo (in the pool) ...but have not yet been in open water.

As a small aside to all this...I went to my eye Doc. just last week and was told after my test that I have regained 20/20 vision (after 30 years!). I had noticed that when driving I was looking over my glasses instead of through them but just assumed that I was bound for a new prescription.

Nice way to start of the year!
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Old 02-03-2013
Danny Danny is offline
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I like the aqua sphere seal because it gives you such a large field of vision. Different faces have different success with any of these brands. The second pair I got (which I am using for more than a year now) seems to have some trouble when I first get into the water, where it may leak a little, but after swimming for a while the problem goes away. I am guessing that somehow the seals swell with water and then become water tight.

As for anti-fog, the best recommendation I found (on this forum) was a couple of drops baby shampoo with water in a spray bottle. Works just fine for me. I apply it before each swim.
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Old 02-05-2013
JustinD JustinD is offline
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Originally Posted by andyinnorway View Post
I use the aquasphere vista for everything, training and racing as I think its a perfect hybrid. Not as big as a full size seal mask, but with the benefit of no leaking whatsover and comfortable for 2 hours or more.
I also have the Vista and the Kayenne's. They are both great goggles/masks. The Vista is smaller than the Seal (I think). The advantage of the Vista to Kayenne is you should never have a problem of it leaking during an open water race. Whilst the Kayenne's are great I have had the odd experience when I put them on when my race wave goes (Sydney, Australia) that they are not positioned correctly and then leak the next 1.5 miles as I cannot stop when I am part of a herd of 150 people running into the sea [lemming]. That largely cannot happen to the Vista.

The only downsides of the Vista (and I had/have 2) are it can fog up. The anti-fog lining inside can mark up the plastic. When removed it fogs easy given the larger amount of warm air inside the mask. Easy solution to this is spray a diluted J&J Baby shampoo water mix inside the lens and rinse before use. The only other negative of the Vista and probably Seal vs Kayenne is since the goggles/mask are further away from your head you probably have worse straight ahead sighting vision compared to goggles that are closer to your head - requiring you to lift the head slightly higher. While all other vision is great its really your straight up sighting line that counts. They all have compromises, I guess.

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