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Old 09-03-2012
smat smat is offline
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Some salient points that i appreciate very much. I have just done another 2 hours of drills and i keep saying to my TI mentor. If i could balance like you i would be as good as you. Maybe i have realised the powerful need for balance and that is why i keep practising balance as my main problem is that i pull my right hand away to lift my head to breath , but today i realised that is is also trying to lift my legs . Can i have some tips on balance as i find this forum invaluable so thankyou all again.
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Old 09-03-2012
westyswoods westyswoods is offline
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Default What to do???

So much advice and many suggestions. They are all well intended and can be useful, ONLY if you have what Andy writes of in his last post. What sort of learner are you?

Step back and find where you are at in the learning process. Have you reached that point when swimming you are conscious of your incompetence or stroke flaws? Do you feel that foot drag? Can you differentiate between a good streamline and being all screwy wobble? This ability is critical for improvement and takes time years for some.

After going on five years I've developed that ability to feel my body in the water. Recently I've become very aware of how left side weak I am. Where are you in this process of recognition?

One final thought, you may want to think about getting or seeing a different coach. I don't believe one needs to be a TI coach to give good advise. Whats needed is a clear understanding of technique you would like to refine.

I prefer TI coaches for sure. I worked with one local non TI coach just had to tell them what I wanted feedback on. I don't do kick boards or pull buoys forget seeing how fast I can do a 400.

It is a journey with great satisfaction found along the way.

Swim Silent And Be Well
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Old 09-03-2012
ian mac ian mac is offline
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ian mac
Default You can't swim fast without fast practice

The advice given in post #45 by coach Suzanne is spot on. If you go baack to my questions to you in post#9, i am saying a similar thing. To give you the best advice we require more specific info in order to suggest appropriate sets and practices.

Drilling is important. Once you get to a certain level however, faster swimming within practice is required. Drills will help you to lower your SPL. At a certain point you will get to a range of SPL that is optimal for your height and reach. You also need to do sets to adapt your stroke rate while maintaining your optimal SPL range. Terry also talks about "ninja pacing" (his term), whereby a swimmer can plan a series of repeats with intended SPL, SR and time and then go out and perform them within a range of error that is within 1 second +/- of the plan. This will make you faster, guaranteed.

So yes, drill - lots. Wire in your SPL to optimum and then start working on increasing your SR over different distances and with different rest intervals. Also remember that it is even more important to keep technique as good as possible when swimming with greater intensity. That's how you improve your swimming times.
ian mac
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