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Old 01-18-2012
westyswoods westyswoods is offline
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Default Swimming vs TI Swimming

This A.M. was introduced to an individual who I have seen over the years OW and pool.

He mentioned that it was only his second time swimming since last OW season and was going to take it easy doing only one mile.

I had just got done with 6x25 of underswitches using snorkel while trying to focus on keeping a left side skate long enough for a good transition.

This gentleman starts swimming and I count strokes only 27 for 25m, long story short I left the pool about 20 minutes later he still going at it and SPL is now up to 33.

Makes me thankful for finding a philosophy of continued improvement. How many times in my younger years did I do the same thing, when I was banging out 2 miles a day not having a clue of anything.

Swim Silent and Be Well
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Old 01-19-2012
collinsdc collinsdc is offline
Join Date: Nov 2009
Location: The Rebel County, Rep of Ireland.
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perhaps your acquaintance has a twin who frequents my pool with the same habits!

I regularly encounter a man who has one hour for his swim. From the moment the goggles cover his eyes it is all about getting those laps in regardless of form. I have no idea if it is just exercise he seeks or if he is in training for an upcoming event but either way there is no warm up, no drill set or even cool down within that hour.

I have counted his SPL which is 28-29 for the 25M at the beginning, towards the end it is around 33.
To be honest I dont know how he keeps going, save for the occasional sip of water from his bottle, there is no stopping.

I used to envy his stamina when I first began TI two years ago, but as you
mention a little knowledge does indeed make you wiser.

I now focus on trying to keep my SPL ( which is 16-17 for 25m) the same for each length I swim. Hopefully the distances I seek will eventually come as a result of trying to maintain good form.

Off to the pool now, wish me luck

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Old 01-19-2012
Butiki Butiki is offline
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You guys just described me from 10 years ago.
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Old 01-19-2012
daveblt daveblt is offline
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Don't swim just to swim . Think about every lap your going to do before and during . Every lap should have a purpose and a focus.

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