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Old 08-23-2018
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Default Side breathing for symmetrical strokes.

Hi all,

Just a "random" question. Does anybody here have success implementing side breathing for breaststroke and butterfly?

Ive started evaluating it for myself and I wonder if others found the approach some merit.

It seems more "necessary" in butterfly than in breaststroke as getting the head out of the water comes at a higher cost but I want to swim breaststroke more and I realise that knees aside (...) it sure puts a strain of your cervical vertebras (butterfly does to).

I tried today, it felt pretty weird not at all what I expected.
I though it would easier to properly fit in breaststroke... not all. It was tough for me to resist the habit to raise the head whereas side breathing calls for a different motion (even though there is still some head elevation.
As I was going for the swim I though that it would be easier to rotate the head after the pull. I turned out that it does not work for me. lots of elevation has already happened by that time which meant that I had to rush my mouth to side completely breaking the stroke. I also tried during the pull which got me pretty twisted unless I had more tensions than practical to my core.
I gave up and resume working on standard breast.
Next time I will try something else, aka have the head already rotated early in the stroke / at the catch and keeping it there till an extra rotation for breathing and then realign into the extension and the kick. I think I may have done inadvertely a couples times aduring my trial today, the couples time it felt ok. The movement may be ok ut definitely one should breath on both side to equalize the muscle strain.
Something that was feeling pretty weird is that all of the sudden breaststroke entered "freestyle territory" for me. I could no longer see forward and the breathing win dows is shorter as a result the feeling of being constanly underwater was much greater.

Then butterfly. For the ref I can't swim it much so I did not spend as much time as I did on breast. The couple first moves were a disaster both sides, pretty much stopping the stroke altogether.
As for the breast I though that rotation the head more after the pull (more in the push section and on) would be easier... not at all. I completely rotated, and bent doing one of my arm (depending on the side choosen for breathing) could not even get out of the water.
As for the breast I think an early rotation with extra rotation at the breathing time.
I actually manage to take a few good strokes (20m) while breathing on the left side only (I notice the same in breast). Nobody was monitoring me but I wonder if I did in fact better than usual.
Same remark as with breaststroke: it is a significant change of perceptions. To no longer see forward every cycle, and not having the head out (no matter the volume of air you get) =>the whole thing gets more aquatic.

Whereas most people should breathe on both sides, I tend to turn into a S insteand of remaining a "î" when I turn my head to the right so turning my head left force me to keep things straight. It allowed for the chin to remain tuck which is healthier (assume one work on both side, the same applies with freestyle).

Overall I think it may be worse spending some extra time evaluating the breast, I may addopt it for the butterfly. On top of it I like the idea of normalizing breathing on three of the 4 racing strokes.
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