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Old 02-07-2014
larryc larryc is offline
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Default Erratic kicking is ruining my swimming

I posted something about this in another topic, and am posting it here because I am desperate to get this fixed.

I've gotten my kick so it's fluid, kicking from the hips, mostly relaxed, in control. It works fine -- until I add my arms. Then it's as if someone yelled "Now kick as fast and erratic as you can right now, or I'm going to shoot you in 10 seconds."

So the kick speeds up (a lot), it's not rhythmic, legs sometimes go out too wide, body starts to sink, breathing goes haywire.

When I come up for a breath, the kick gets even worse and by the time I get to the other end of the pool, I'm totally exhausted.

I have tried:
- Taking out the kick -- just working on arms. Fine.
- Working just on kicking (with and without a kick board). Fine.
- Starting with the kick, then adding the arms. Not fine.
- Starting with the arms, then adding the kick. Not fine.
- Forcefully trying to slow down the kick by counting "I will only kick X number of times." Did not work.

I'm perplexed. My excellent swim instructor is perplexed. I know if I can get this solved, I'll be home free. Help, please.

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Old 02-07-2014
CoachStuartMcDougal's Avatar
CoachStuartMcDougal CoachStuartMcDougal is offline
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Hi Larry,

Your problem is quite common actually. For now stop thinking about the legs and what they are doing; kicking from the knees is causing much of the problem. Just let the kick go, quite the legs. The kick timing will come naturally believe it or not. A good focal to use is think you are swimming in a pool that's a foot and a half deep, and your toes will not hit the bottom. Think compact both depth and width, swim with the hips (legs will follow).

Continue to refine balance in drill and whole stroke, relaxation is key. Legs tend tighten up and over kick and/or splay as a result of the body being out of balance.

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Old 02-07-2014
larryc larryc is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2014
Posts: 22

Thanks Stuart -- I meant to say "I'm now kicking from the hips" (THAT has taken me awhile, but I got it.)
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