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Old 09-15-2009
debralambourn debralambourn is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2009
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Default Faster and easier.... it's true!

I have been working on the TI drill for about 2 months and have definitely felt like my swimming was getting easier and more efficient but hadn't yet seen any real pay off as far as speed.

I have not been swimming with my regular Master's group so that I could try to get out of the Master's mind set of more yards is always better. Today I rejoined them for our regular morning practice and I did a long warm up using TI drills focusing on my stroke. We then did a set of 10 X 100's. A pretty typical set. It was on a faster pace for me but I committed to doing the set and keeping my focus on relaxing and spearing to the right hand position. With that in my mind I started the set. low and behold i was on the 6th 100 and had been easily holding a pace 6 seconds faster than i expected (especially after the first 2 or 3) and continued to hold that pace for the last 4 with no difficulty!

I am so thrilled. I have been working the drills telling myself at least I'm more effiecient that in and of itself it great but now i'm getting speed as well. What can I say! TI ROCKS! It's been YEARS since I have seen any improvement in my swimming!
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Old 09-15-2009
Jean Bury Jean Bury is offline
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Jean Bury
Default Speed WILL come

Dear Debra,

Very inspiring to hear you say you've found yourself swimming faster. I've been drillling all summer (and getting weird looks and negative comments on my style) and finally, I have felt the stroke come together. I can't get enough of the feeling and in open water, I can just go and go and go....

However, I haven't seen if I am actually faster yet. I used to be a very fast regular/thrasher-style swimmer, making good times in events up to .5mile, so switching to TI seemed at first like I was getting nowhere.

Now that my stroke has come together, I'm so excited, and maybe soon I will see how I am doing for speed. Way to go, and keep posting so we can all be reminded that TI pays off EVERY way.

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