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Old 07-30-2013
StuartK StuartK is offline
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Smile Manatees get there slowly

After just over 18 months, I've gone from a thrashing gasping 25m 'swimmer' to swimming my first mile and a bit (2000m)non-stop, last night.
All thanks to TI swimming, especially Terry and the coaches, Charles, and all the posters on this site, I've read the lot even the one's I couldn't understand! all provided insights and ideas that have helped.
As Terry said it is good to be able to do something (anything!) better at age 66, than at age 16
I've not been the most dilligant pupil mostly twice a week for about an hour going through the various drills and whole stroke swimming.
I reached many plateaus along the way, sometimes feeling I was getting nowhere and was just too old, but luckily this forum showed there were others in the same boat (or in the water!), in particular Talvi's experiences were almost a perfect match, his ups and downs mirroring my own.
I have been swimming in the sea for the last couple of weeks seeing if my TI form would hold together, the extra buoyancy and waves makes the feel different, and I had to concentrate more to banish the feel of cold water. Last weekend swimming across the incoming waves I noticed I was being forced more on my side which created a pleasant side to side pendulum effect as the wave passed, which seemed to create drive without effort, from which I deduced I had probably been swimming too flat. I had had a session with coach Toby who had picked up that in skate my arm was too close to my centreline and instead of correcting this, I have been swimming flatter, which made the arm seem further over So back to the pool, with this and Charles's advice to Mike in NS to slow down, to find my 'walking' pace, and the incentive of Talvi getting his mile. Finally it all came together.
I think it was Andy in Norway who said that it takes about 18 months to come together and in my case he was right.
So now to make it look better and speed up a bit, tempo trainer on order.
Thanks again, to all posters.

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