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Old 04-12-2015
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Default Best way to get the right kicktiming?

I have very little awareness of the kicktiming in my backstroke and cant make sense of the timing.

In freestyle the rotational downkick comes roughly together with the end of the same side push and the other side arm extension.
The rotational downkick is helping rotation to the other side.

A normal backstroke kicktining is the same, only the downkick is now called an upkick.
So, kicking up with the rightside leg goes together with the end of the rightside push and the entry of the left arm .
ONlly difference is, the rightside upkick rotates the body further down on the rightside, at the moment you want to rotate to the left....
Do the rotational kicks have another timing in backistroke compared to freestyle?

Where are the rotational kicks in Lochtes stroke?

A significant part of the end of the armpush is used to help rotation in backstroke. Thats how it feels to me, and looking and the movement of Lochtes arm and hand at the end of the push, a lot of water is pushed down instead of purely backwards.
This downward endpush helps rotation. Agreed?

Compared to freestyle, backstroke works better when adding dynamics to the stroke it seems.
Connecting the end of the push and slingshot the other arm forward at the same time with rotation seems an important ingredient in backstroke. Without speed most of this effect is lost. Agreed?

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