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Old 01-02-2016
andyinnorway andyinnorway is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2011
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Default andyinnorway 2016 quarter 1 training log

Quarter 1 aim - sub 35s 50m

interim tasks to complete
50 50m swims under 40s

4x4x100m at 1:30 pace off 2:00

Saturday 2nd January - with Stuart - Lane conditions Dreadful

4x50m warm up - even this was a challenge 8 in a narrow lane.

sub 40 50's

I managed 6 of these from 8 attempts, but had to wait a long time for a lane gap to swim a full 50. My two failures were from having feet in front of me.

tt0.7 56 beeps= 39.2s

1:30 100 repeats off 2:00

I couldn't figure out an easy mechanic for this. I swam two attempts one just under one just over. too many swimmers.

4x50 kick fr up br back

trying to make the best of the environment - I was please with these circa 65s

speed 50's

tt0.65, hold 29 beeps up, 27 down for 36.4s 50, look for opportunity to take the next beep off.

These felt strong today after a rest day yesterday. I was 1-2 beeps ahead after 25 but took a slow turn and tried to maintain stroke form back down.

I managed to complete 2/4 efforts on account of traffic.

Give up and have fun

We then went into the free swim area and had 2 races.

50m freestyle - I won by a fingers length.
100m IM - my first two lengths of back stroke and butterfly ever

I won by half a length as Stuart gassed out on butterfly and I held my FR form. It felt like Ben Hur though as we crashed into each other a lot. Nice to be kids again.

Plenty of attempts and effort today despite tricky swimming conditions. It felt like it would have been a great day otherwise.

Another 8 sub 50's in the book too.
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Old 01-03-2016
andyinnorway andyinnorway is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 1,680

3 jan 2016 - busy busy busy lane again

400m warm up - very light touch with gentle groove aka long sea swim. 7:05 with metric 26s laps and 17SPL

unfinishable 50's

too many people in the lane to swim a single 50 today at any pace so I changed tack and left my tt on 0.84 from warm up and swam

3 beep push
5 beeps 4 strokes head down (2-1-1-1)

23 beeps 19.32s up

31 beep breast stroke back.

[b]Iterative 13SPL/B]

Start TT@0.9 swim up with 13SPL on lope, swim back at leisure lope

I made this down to tt@0.8 - 18.4s

it felt like good weight training.

sprint work


Looking to take some strokes off my 50PB formula.

3 beat push off
4 head down strokes full acceleration
2 lope strokes
4 head down strokes full acceleration
2 lope strokes
4 head down strokes
2 beep turn

repeat back
target 56 beeps

This was good today I added a focus of spotting the grout line before and after rolling for breath and was able to flip turn and get my feet on the wall on beep 27, so a 54 beep 50 is within sights. I still wasn't able to finish my 50's though.

Might be time to find a masters club soon to get away from public session swimming limitations.
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Old 01-04-2016
s.sciame s.sciame is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Rome, Italy
Posts: 479

Hi Andy,

have you abandoned kicking sets? What kind of kick do you use in your sprints? I believe a well trained 6bk could help you a lot in a 50.

Today I ended the session with a funny ladder: I did some 25m reps with TT increasing stroke rate by 2SPM on each one. Started at 66SPM and hit 19SPL (22 beeps), with a light 6bk. The goal was to go on until I wouldn't able to hold 19SPL (and 22 beeps) anymore. In order to hold DPS I gradually increased 6bk power. With a 2bk I would have failed the set soon. Instead by modulating the 6bk intensity I was still able to hold 19SPL up to 76SPM. At 78SPM I hit 20SPL (and 23 beeps, failure point), then I ended the set with a last 25 at 76SPM/19SPL.

The funny thing was that "bottom up" or kick driven feeling which leaves arms and shoulders unloaded (they just have to pierce the water and hold). And I'm a poor kicker in the end, go figure how more funny it would be if I improved my kick.

You may have already read this old article by Emmett Hines:

(click on Bottom Up Swimming — Part 3 (or The Spin-Doctor's Perscription))

I've read it many times but I didn't remember the last paragraph where he offers an interesting interpretation of sprinters vs distance swimmers. I think it's a little pearl, worth reading. It reminds me to Ian Thorpe: a stroke built on top of a super propulsive 6bk. But that super 6bk perhaps couldn't fit well with the frequencies required for sprinting. That could be the ultimate reason why he did better in middle distance: not because of a "slow" stroke rate, but because of a "slow" kick rate.


Last edited by s.sciame : 01-04-2016 at 02:59 PM.
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Old 01-04-2016
andyinnorway andyinnorway is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 1,680

Thanks Salvo, I'll read that tonight.

I did some kicks yesterday but forgot to put them down. 4x50 FR up BR back, nice consistent times around 65s.

I'll probably do that kind of set 4-8 lengths 2-3 times a week whilst I develop an ability to kick generally.

My sprint kick at the moment is a mixture of flutter and 2bk with a main focus on not increasing drag from the feet.
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Old 01-04-2016
andyinnorway andyinnorway is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 1,680

Monday 4th January 2016 - with Stuart - lane conditions scruffy


4x100m @1:40 pace off 2:00 from cold warm up

17SPL all the way 31 beeps every length, very happy.

4x50 under 40s

Using sprint pattern of 54 beeps per 50

3 beep push off
4 head down strokes
4 lope strokes
4 head down strokes
4 lope strokes
4 beeps stroke in and turn

I made all these with a beep or two in the bank.

Stuart arrived late so I did 2x100 as above as a warm up for him

4x100 breast stroke 1:50 pace off 2:30

nice long strokes and good underwater starts - felt strong

Sprint set

4x25,2x50 - Repeat Once. test metric on 25's, go for PB on 2nd

I made a lifetime PB on the first 50 at 34.56s so didn't feel the need for a repeat.

Instead we did

2x100 under 1:30 pace and hit a metric 1:28 both times holding 16SPL.

A Wonderful result today despite lots of swimmers in the lane.
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Old 01-05-2016
andyinnorway andyinnorway is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 1,680

Kids back to school today so I rested and carried gym bags etc.

A note about why I love the tempo trainer.

If you just swim as fast as you can how do you plan to get faster? Yesterday I posted a PB of 34.5 so my next target will be 34s flat.

Terry has often posted about just solving the next problem so I have calculated 3 options to test and see if I can manage any of them.

1. perform the same stroke pattern as yesterday with tt knocked down from 0.64 to 0.63

27 beeps per 25m =17.01s

2. swim a flat symmetrical stroke in double time TT with 3 beep push off and 2 beep turn. tt0.44 (stroke rate 0.88)

39 beeps per 25m=17.16

3. Swim on a full lope 3 beeps per 2 strokes

tt0.55 31 beeps=3 beeps 16SPL and then 4 beeps to glide to the wall and turn

31 beeps per 25m=17.05s

so instead of 99% of world swimmers hitting the gym and trying to push harder I have 3 very different ways of testing a precise improvement. A maths equation to solve in the water.


and it's way more exciting and motivating than simply trying harder and harder.

I'll try tomorrow morning after a rest day and post my results of all 3.
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Old 01-06-2016
andyinnorway andyinnorway is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 1,680

Wednesday 6th January 2016

Whoops Timing

Warm up - 4x100@1:40 off 2:00

4x50 sub 40s

0.72 54 beeps 38.9s :) 4 more points for the signature challenge.

4x100 breaststroke with 10m starts and 30s rest

I was at around 1:50 pace today but still need to surface early on the 4th length as I can't stay down for 8s push off.

4x25 kick

sprint set

test sense of ease with different stroke patterns at a given pace of 17s

tt0.44 - double stroke 17SPL
tt0.55 - full right hand breathe lope
tt0.63 - Andy's sprint pattern

After 4x25 of the first setting I realised the pool closed 15 minutes earlier than I thought and I had only 2 minutes left. These were within a stroke of target.

I attempted a 50m PB with setting 3 but lost sync on the return and came in 1 or 2 strokes over budget.

As the tempos and speed in the water increase I find stroke timing precision more and more important to avoid the feeling of turbulence and loss of balance.

So today I did all the right prep but miscalculated my training time so missed the chance to perform the day's tests.
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Old 01-07-2016
andyinnorway andyinnorway is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 1,680

Thursday 7 January

up at 3am for a trip which was cancelled so not expecting to swim today but did as I'd been up half a day before the pool opened.

Warm up 4x100m 1:40 pace off 2:00 hold 17SPL

I'm pleased that this is becoming an easier task to achieve. I'll play with some of the variables as it's at my 400m best pace from 2 years ago.

4x paced 50's

I did these with a symmetrical simple as possible stroke rate of 1.0 holding 17SPL with 1.5s push off and 1s turn

18.5s up 1s turn 18.5 back for a flat 38s

sprint set

not much oomph for sprinting today

I tested 3 different stroke patterns as outlined in earlier posts, testing 34s per 50m pace.

0.88 Symmetry 17SPL 3 half beep push off, 1 beep turn. beeps over for each 25 were +2, 0, +1,+1

0.55 Full lope with 31 beeps - +1, 0, +1, +1

0.63 andy's sprint pattern +1,0 - I then tried a 50 and was +1, my stroke count was right but I took a double beep to breathe on the return so was +1 again.

I did also try a couple of lengths of high cadence 0.63 symmetry, this was faster but felt less stable and would have been hard to do a full 50.

25 beeps 15.75s

An average day, average energy, average results, average focus but not a waste of time, some days our best is only average.
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Old 01-09-2016
andyinnorway andyinnorway is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 1,680

Sat 9th Jan 2016

A quick cheeky midday weekend swim.

I missed yesterday's morning swim due to work commitments so was feeling a bit restless today which meant nipping out for a power hour.

I had a single focus today - getting used to 1:30 100m pace.

Warm up
8x50m under 45s off 1:00 16SPL

These went surprisingly well, I had to have some longer rests because of lane traffic but it was fairly consistent at 42s and approx 20s rest.

8x100 1:30 pace

test two different TT settings one at 16SPL and one at 18SPL.

18SPL felt much more comfortable on oxygen demands so I swam

6x100 tt0.72 full lope. 31 beeps per length (as per 1:40 warm ups this week)

I swam them all 4-5 beeps ahead of target between 1:26 and 1:27

8x25 sprint

4x25 at one tt setting below my pb 0.63X27 beep target
4x25 at one stroke below my pb 0.66x26 beep target

a few lengths of 13SPL relaxed warm down.

the second felt easier but I was just off a clean turn within 26 beeps but I'll work on that next week for a 34.3 50m time.

I felt strong today after a rest day yesterday. Great swim
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Old 01-10-2016
andyinnorway andyinnorway is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 1,680

Sun 10th Jan 2016

4x400 1:40 off 200.

This felt comfy enough to extend to 8x100. See post on time bending.

4x100 Breaststroke 2:00 off 2:30 restricted stroke count and full underwater push offs.

These went well but I still find it hard to do my 4th push off with a full 8/9 beep underwater start.

4x25 split kick

10m breast - 10m FR - 5m Dolphin

Mostly just an active recovery.

Sprint set

In search of a flat 34s I'm testing different ways of swimming the first 25m and getting my feet on the wall on exactly 17s.

I swam
2x25 - 1x50 at both tt0.63 (54 beep target) and tt0.65 (52 beep target) but both were a beep off per length. My best was 35.1s on tt0.63

It feels like I'm on the edge of my manageable stroke rate, and that control of that at high cadence will be the key to further improvements. I tend to lose the sync picking up high cadence stroke after a lope stroke so I wanted to do a new pattern that worked on that.

3 beep push off
4 strokes head down, hold stroke 3 for a double beep. (20 beeps)
count strokes taken to get feet on the wall (2-5)

I started with TT@0.78 and clicked 2 down per length until I got to 0.63 where I was unable to turn and have my feet on the wall within 27 beeps (50m pace)

After 4 attempts I made it.

I liked the stroke pattern though as it was easier to hold sync and my line through the water felt very straight and controlled.

I'm also starting to find some room in the stroke (search for glide) at 0.63

It felt encouraging and I managed another 4 sub 40s 50's today which brings me to within a swim session of my January objective.
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